Amy Taubin

Amy Taubin is a contributing editor to Film Comment and Sight & Sound and writes frequently for Artforum. She is the author of the BFI Film Classic Taxi Driver.

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Cannes Film Festival 2012
The Sight & Sound blog

Follow Nick James and our correspondents on the Croisette. Read the collated entries, or see the index of individual posts. Web exclusive, May 2012

The films of 2011The films of 2011 Poll

In a strong year for arthouse cinema, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life emerged as the clear winner of the S&S poll of international critics’ best films of 2011, says Nick James. from S&S January 2012

#The revolution of inaction: This Is Not a Film

Made under house arrest, Jafar Panahi’s In Film Nist (This Is Not a Film) breaks all the rules, says Amy Taubin. from S&S July 2011

The films of 2010The films of 2010 Poll

The Social Network and Uncle Boonmee Who Can Remember His Past Lives head our round-up of the films and highlights of the year, as voted by 85 critics and curators. from S&S January 2011

#Roll Forever

To mark a season of Andy Warhol films at the BFI Southbank, director Gus Van Sant tells Amy Taubin why he’s been described as the Factory artist’s alter ego. from S&S August 2007

#Degraded dupes: Steven Soderbergh

The Good German explores the shadowy underworld of political manoeuvring in post-war Berlin. Amy Taubin talks to its director about confounding our expectations and capturing the look of the 1940s. from S&S March 2007

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