A Monkey's Tale

France/UK/Germany 1999

Reviewed by Amanda Lipman


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

In the wake of a great forest flood, a monkey community is divided between the Woonkos, who live a carefree life in the treetops, and the Laankos, who build a 'civilisation' in the roots of the trees. Kom, a young Wonkoo monkey, falls down a ravine.

Injured, he is found by the Laanko king who decides to bring him back to his castle. There, he soon becomes a favourite of the king and falls in love with a servant girl, Gina, whose mistress, Princess Ida, is being slowly poisoned by the power-hungry grand chancellor Sebastian and his sidekick Gerard.

Kom tries to help the king achieve his dream of finding his people a new home on an apparently unreachable island across the lake. The lake freezes and they set out to cross it on foot. The king is drowned and Kom returns to discover Sebastian's plot to seize the throne. Together with Gina, he foils Sebastian and Gerard and ensures that a newly cured Princess Ida becomes queen, before returning with Gina to his treetop home.


From the world of anthropomorphic animation comes a new tale of trouble and strife. The two monkey tribes depicted here are divided by fear and contempt: the tree-dwelling Woonkos' fear of the unknown demons lurking below, and the ground-level Laankos' contempt (masking fear, perhaps) of the uncivilised, ear-showing, unclothed savages above (although the Woonkos are demure enough to sport loincloths). As it turns out, the two tribes speak the same language and the teenage Woonko, Kom, is able to show the uptight Laankos a thing or two about the direct approach to life that his tribe take. In doing so, he punctures some of the Laankos' pretensions, laying bare their superstitions.

They may be able to make mechanical machines, read libraries full of books and entertain their (non-tree-climbing) children in playgrounds, but they still believe that the water that surrounds them is inhabited by an evil monster, which stops them from going anywhere. Through Kom, the film lays gently into some of the stranger aspects of civilisation. Having learned the game of finding his way through a maze, Kom retorts ironically: "I'm becoming civilised - I've done something useless!"

It's probably no coincidence that in accent and behaviour the freewheeling, flat-topped Woonkos have more than a tinge of American to them, while the suspicious Laankos come across as distinctly British - Michael York voices the wearily regal king; John Hurt's Sebastian is a haughty parody of hand-rubbing wickedness; and Rik Mayall's Gerard is his ridiculously enthusiastic evil sidekick. But this European co-production (directed by French animator Jean-François Laguionie) is no paean to the star-spangled banner: the Woonko elder Korkonak, for instance, is as full of prejudice and bombast as some of the Laankos. Instead, it is an enjoyable, if predictable, conflation of two hugely popular movie genres: the effervescent American teen pic and the doughty British costume drama, complete with a mishmash of wimples and bodices and skull caps.

As a jovial plea for tolerance, A Monkey's Tale's celebration of the potential of free-spirited young folk to build bridges should please the film's youthful audience, to say nothing of their parents. And the polarities of love and loathing dealt with by the film find an echo in the artwork. In front of the translucent washes of colour that make up the jungle scenery, the animals seem to pass at first through loops of light and shade, their features sharp and clear one moment and then cast into darkness the next. By the end, the shade has gone, along with the prejudices. Bathed in the warm glow of mutual understanding, all is bright again - even the tiger prowling in the jungle, a real cause of fear, has disappeared.


Jean-François Laguionie
Steve Walsh
Patrick Moine
Gerd Hecker
Norman Hudis
Jean-François Laguionie
Jean-Paul Rossard
Soizic Veillon
Ludovic Cassou
Yves Françon
Anke Schmidt
Alexandre Desplat
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Alexandre Desplat
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Executive Music Producers
Greg Rogers
Ray Williams
"Assimilate" by Paul Holmes, Robert Henry, Sally-Anne Marsh; "Where Do I Belong?" by Paul Holmes; "To Be King" by John Hurt; "We Are One" by Westlife
Sound Design
Nigel Holland
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John Timperley
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Gaël Nicolas
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Nigel Holland
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Marvin Black
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Trevor Swanscott
Voice Cast
English Language Version
Matt Hill
John Hurt
Chancellor Sebastian
Michael York
the king
Sally-Anne Marsh
Rik Mayall
Michael Gambon
Master Martin
Shirley Anne Field
French Tickner
Diana Quick
Princess Ida
William Vanderpuye
Paul Dobson
Janyse Jaud
Kom's mother
Alix Bates
Chris Connor
Michael Dobson
Anthony T. Jackson
Alexander John
Chantal Keast
Miles Laddie
Chris Lang
George Potts
Wendy Wolfcarius
additional voices
Peter Elliott
monkey cries
Voice Cast
French Language Version
Tara Römer
Nadia Farès
Pierre Arditi
the king
Michel Lonsdale
Maître Flavius
Jean Piat
Chancellor Sérignole
Patrick Préjean
Lionel Melet
Ivanah Coppola
Princess Ida
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78 minutes 31 seconds
In Colour
French theatrical title
Le Château des singes
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