Henry K. Miller

Henry K. Miller is has written for Film Comment, Cinema Scope and Framework, among other publications, and blogs occasionally for the Guardian. He contributed a foreword to the 2010 edition of Raymond Durgnat’s A Long Hard Look at ‘Psycho’, and helped devise the BFI DVD/Blu-ray package ‘The Soviet Influence: From Turksib to Night Mail’.

He hardly ever tweets as @henrykmiller

Online articles

#The lost continent: opening up British silent film history Festival postcard

Conventional wisdom says Britain’s few canonised directors of the late silent era learned more from the Soviet cinema than their native culture. The true history, reports Henry K Miller from the British Silent Film Festival, is not so black and white. Web exclusive, May 2012

#Infernal combustion: The Robinson Institute’s magical machine montage Review

Patrick Keiller’s reworking of his ‘Robinson’ trilogy as an installation at Tate Britain is a study of British industry’s own uncanny vanishing act. Henry K Miller sees the artist update his beloved Humphrey Jennings – again. Web exclusive, May 2012

Doing time: ‘slow cinema’ at the AV Festival Postcard

Henry K Miller takes a deep breath, pulls up a seat and surrenders to a festival that celebrates slowness in music and the visual arts. Web exclusive, March 2012

The DVDs of 2011The DVDs of 2011 Poll

23 critics and curators pick out their releases – and rediscoveries – of the year. Web exclusive, January 2012

The films of 2011The films of 2011 Poll

In a strong year for arthouse cinema, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life emerged as the clear winner of the S&S poll of international critics’ best films of 2011, says Nick James. From S&S January 2012

#Super 8 Review

Henry K. Miller on expert retromaniac J.J. Abrams’ homage to 1970s backyard filmmaking, “a Spielberg pastiche of uncanny precision and sublime pointlessness.”

The best film booksThe best film books Survey

51 leading critics and writers nominate their top five films books. A clear-cut top five emerges – and film writing may have found its Citizen Kane. from S&S June 2010

Joseph StrickSlow bloom: Joseph Strick’s Ulysses Interview

Joseph Strick tells Henry K. Miller about his four-decade-long journey to bring James Joyce’s ‘unadaptable’ modernist masterpiece to the screen. Web exclusive, November 2009

#Boys’ own stories Feature

In the last decade a talented collection of players – including Wes Anderson, Charlie Kaufman, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson – have brought their own brand of improvisational comedy and wry humour to the big screen. It’s time we threw out the old categories of highbrow and lowbrow and settled down to enjoy what Indiewood – or the Frat Pack – has to offer, says Henry K. Miller. from S&S March 2008

#Container Review

From S&S November 2006

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