November 2004

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#Grief Encounter

Jonathan Glazer's Birth evokes the numb mood of his ads and videos to underscore its creepy theme. Roger Clarke approves

#Tales From The River

The British Film Institute's London Film Festival wants to bring the best of the world's cinema to the city, but what else other than good taste influences the programme, wonders Edward Lawrenson.

The Innocents

Finding Neverland bends the truth about J.M. Barrie's creation of Peter Pan to boost its themes of art, death and the afterlife. It's magic, says Kevin Jackson.

Lolita's Lament

Agn├Ęs Jaoui's screen women are intelligent and sexy, like the actress/director herself. Ginette Vincendeau celebrates Look at Me's mix of social comedy and body politics.

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Triple Agent

Eric Rohmer's spy story Triple Agent is really about the mysteries of human motivation and the secrets of language, says Ginette Vincendeau.

Reviews in this issue:

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