May 2007

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#New Boots And Rants

It's 1983 and a victorious Margaret Thatcher has set her sights on the enemy at home. Shane Meadows' This Is England captures the era's embattled and tribal youth cultures with warmth and style. By Jon Savage

#You Must Be Joking

Roberto Rossellini followed his neorealist World War II trilogy with a biopic of St Francis of Assisi. Does its child-like blend of innocence and simplicity reveal how Italians would like to appear, asks Guido Bonsaver

Eyes without a Face

Oscar-winner The Lives of Others offers a chilling recreation of East Germany's surveillance society. But is its tale of Stasi redemption just wishful thinking, asks Anna Funder

Tombstone Blues: The Music Documentary Boom

Documentaries on Joe Strummer and Scott Walker are only the latest entries in a fast-growing genre. But is our obsession with past greats a tacit admission that the best years are over, asks Simon Reynolds

Nerds on a Wire

David Fincher's real-life police procedural Zodiac represents a revolution in movie-making technology. Amy Taubin talks to the director and to DP Harris Savides

Lights in the Dust

James Bell joins the celebrations in Burkina Faso around FESPACO, Africa's showcase cinema event. But how will the festival's films ever reach a local audience?

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: 300

A technical masterpiece, '300' brings Frank Miller's comic-book rendering of the Battle of Thermopylae to the screen complete with blood-spatters and a wall of bristling beefcake. It's a marvel, says Andrew Osmond

#DVD review: Schoolgirl Report #1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible

In 1970 a film exploring the sexuality of German teenagers sparked a storm and inspired a dozen sequels. By Tim Lucas

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