How the directors and critics voted

Babak Payami

Top Ten

  1. Seven Samurai (Kurosawa)
  2. The White Nights (Visconti)
  3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)
  4. Un Chien andalou (Buñuel)
  5. Last Year at Marienbad (Resnais)
  6. Short Cuts (Altman)
  7. L'avventura (Antonioni)
  8. Still Life (Saless)
  9. Que Viva Mexico! (Eisenstein)
  10. Citizen Kane (Welles)


Seven Samurai (Kurosawa)
The roots of genius.
The White Nights (Visconti)
Poetry in motion.
2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)
Cinema perfected.
Un Chien andalou (Buñuel)
The outer boundary of cinema.
Last Year at Marienbad (Resnais)
The definition of cinema.
Short Cuts (Altman)
Everything you wanted to know about cinema but were afraid to ask.
L'avventura (Antonioni)
Turning a page in cinema.
Still Life (Saless)
Reaching the essence of cinema with a disregard for it.
Que Viva Mexico! (Eisenstein)
Cross-cultural cinema.
Citizen Kane (Welles)
The mother of all films.

Last Updated: 03 Aug 2011