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Films of the Month

#Faust June

Winner of the Golden Lion at last year’s Viennale, Alexander Sokurov’s retelling of the Faust legend finally arrives on these shores. But it’s not just the film’s hero who’s suffering from hubris, says Tony Rayns

» Goodbye First Love May
» Into the Abyss April
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Other cinema releases

#The Turin Horse New release

Hungary’s master of entropy Béla Tarr closes his own filmmaking career with a slow, stark parable of a horse on strike and the world caving in. It’s heartfelt – but a bit gloomy, says Kieron Corless

#Free Men
New release

Viewing Occupied Paris through a Muslim prism, Ismaël Ferroukhi’s muted drama is a more contemplative sort of Resistance film, says Catherine Wheatley

#She Monkeys New release

Lisa Aschan’s cryptic fairytale of young womanhood casts its subjects in an uncanny ambience of pale half-light and thick steam. Catherine Wheatley peers quizzically

» Damsels in Distress New release
» Breathing New release
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Close up (films in focus)

#Under the Bridges Lost and found

Though shot in Germany in 1944, Helmut Käutner’s Under the Bridges defiantly avoids any reference to Nazism. By Philip Kemp

#Group Portrait with Lady
Lost and found

Like so many films by the great Yugoslavian director Aleksandar Petrovic, Group Portrait with Lady is off the radar. By Vlastimir Sudar

#Image lib: John Berger’s Ways of Seeing Out of the archive

Forty years ago John Berger’s BBC2 series challenged us to be wiser consumers of fine art. As BFI Southbank marks the anniversary, Jonathan Conlin asks if the series speaks to us today

» The revolution of inaction: This Is Not a Film
Gervaise Lost and found
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Shows, events and special screenings

#We all scream for… experimental kids’ films?

Gareth Moore invited five artists to contribute to his Children’s Films series – but as Ian Francis discovered at a screening in Birmingham, there is artistic jouissance and there is ice cream

#Infernal combustion: magic, machines, montage and The Robinson Institute Installation

Patrick Keiller’s reworking of his ‘Robinson’ trilogy as an installation at Tate Britain is a study of British industry’s own uncanny vanishing act. Henry K Miller sees the artist update his beloved Humphrey Jennings – again

#The Magpie Index: Roy Harper sings for the birds Artists’ video

Richard Grayson’s evocative video portrait places the songwriter in a complex lineage of British dissent, says Frances Morgan

» Dara Birnbaum: the caged artist Exhibition
» Diving spirits: Chick Strand Artists’ movies
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#Island of Lost Souls June

The 1932 film of H.G. Wells’s Dr Moreau story is disturbing and subtextually explosive, writes Michael Atkinson

» The Mizoguchi Collection
» On the Bowery
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Forthcoming events

#Current and imminent UK film festivals, seasons and special of note

Last Updated: 08 Jun 2012