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Cannes Film Festival 2012
The Sight & Sound blog

Follow Nick James and our correspondents on the Croisette. Today: Demetrios Matheou on the Mexican winner of the Un Certain Regard sidebar, After Lucia, a powerful study of grief and abuse

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#Ebertfest: thumbs on hearts Postcard

At Roger Ebert’s Film Festival, films, filmmakers and fans come together under the guiding hand of the World’s Most Famous Film Critic. Scott Jordan Harris joins the communion

#The lost continent: opening up British silent film history

Conventional wisdom says Britain’s few canonised directors of the late silent era learned more from the Soviet cinema than their native culture. The true history, reports Henry K Miller from the British Silent Film Festival, is not so black and white

» Artists (still) at play: Ann Arbor at 50 Postcard
» Doing time: ‘slow cinema’ at the AV Festival Postcard
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June 2012Moonrise Kingdom: the June 2012 issue

Wes Anderson’s 1965 island escape, plus Béla Tarr’s last testament, screenwriting with Paul Laverty and Jean-Claude Carrière, Arab Spring cinema and the art of Colonel Blimp

May 2012Aki Kaurismäki opens up:
the May 2012 issue

The droll Finnish master on Le Havre and the state of the world, plus Whit Stillman returns, Ben Rivers at sea, Guy Maddin in the Pompidou, film manifestos and Greatest-Film-Ever candidates Beau Travail and La Grande Illusion

April 2012Paolo Sorrentino’s This Must Be the Place: April 2012 issue

Sean Penn as a Nazi-hunting rock star, plus the Dardennes, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Carl Dreyer, Death Row’s Werner Herzog and YouTube star Lena Dunham

» Ken Loach essay-writing competition results
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Obituaries and tributes

Obituaries 2011

Sight & Sound’s comprehensive survey of the actors, directors, writers, producers and technicians who died during the course of 2011

Bert Schneider, 1933-2011

Producer of a string of films that came to define the New Hollywood era

Dev Anand, 1923-2011

Bollywood superstar who also found success as a producer-writer-director

» Zdenek Miler, 1921-2011
» Sue Mengers, 1932-2011
» The Gilbert Adair files


#The Gilbert Adair files:
Double takes – Heurtebise

Winter 1984 to Summer 1985

Adair’s pseudonymous contributions to Sight & Sound’s Double Takes column, from our Gilbert Adair tribute trove

#The Ms-fits Prize fighting

This year’s Best Actress race inspires Nick James’s best clairvoyant impersonation

#Fight for rights, will to power: The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 Guest opinion

Greg Tate explores the shifting struggles for black equality – and identity – presented in a new narrated documentary montage of footage found in the Swedish television archives

» Persona non grata: Lars von Trier’s Nazi rebellion Behind the news
» The land still lies: Handsworth Songs and the English riots Out of the archive
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Last Updated: 08 Jun 2012