How the directors and critics voted

Jonathan Glazer

Top Ten

  1. Andrei Roublev (Tarkovsky)
  2. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)
  3. Throne of Blood (Kurosawa)
  4. The Godfather Part II (Coppola)
  5. Citizen Kane (Welles)
  6. Cries and Whispers (Bergman)
  7. 8 1/2 (Fellini)
  8. The Gospel According to St. Matthew (Pasolini)
  9. Raging Bull (Scorsese)
  10. The Great Dictator (Chaplin)


Probably one of the hardest bloody things I've been asked to do. It ranks alongside trying to get a parking permit out of Camden council. I can't even look at it any more.

Last Updated: 03 Aug 2011