How the directors and critics voted

Peter von Bagh
director of Il cinema ritrovato festival

Top Ten

  1. The Wedding March (von Stroheim)
  2. Okraina (Barnet)
  3. Make Way for Tomorrow (McCarey)
  4. A Canterbury Tale (Powell, Pressburger)
  5. Late Spring (Ozu)
  6. Rio Grande (Ford)
  7. Édouard et Caroline (Becker)
  8. Bigger Than Life (N. Ray)
  9. Man of the West (A. Mann)
  10. And Life Goes On... (Kiarostami)


It is tempting to do the whole thing with shorts. For instance The Painted Lady (Griffith), A Night in the Snow (Chapliin), Las Hurdes (Bunuel), Listen to Britain (Jennings), Battle of San Pietro (Huston), La Tempestaire (Epstein), Appunti su un fatto di cronaca (Visconti), L'invidia (Rossellini), La paresse (Godard) and Por primera vez (Octavio Cortazar).

Last Updated: 03 Aug 2011