South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut

USA 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Felperin


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

South Park, Colorado. The present. Third-graders Stan, Cartman, Kyle and Kenny manage to see the 'R'-rated film Asses of Fire, starring their favourite scatological comedians, Terrance and Phillip, who are both Canadian. The next day at school, the boys scandalise their teacher Mr Garrison by quoting filthy lines of dialogue from the film. Their mothers are notified and Kyle's mother Sheila starts a campaign to blame Canada for the corrupting influence of Terrance and Phillip, who are arrested and sentenced to death. War is declared between the US and Canada after the Canadians bomb the Baldwin brothers.

Meanwhile, Kenny is killed by accident and arrives in hell where Satan is having relationship trouble with his new lover, the recently deceased Saddam Hussein. Terrance and Phillip's death will be Satan's cue to take over the world; Kenny's ghost tries to warn the others. Cartman is fitted with a 'V-chip' that electrocutes him every time he swears. Stan forms a resistance movement, partly to foil Terrance and Phillip's execution and partly to win back his classmate Wendy's affection from a rival. At a huge USO show, the resistance foils the execution but war breaks out. Many are killed. Kyle stands up to his mother who nevertheless shoots Terrance and Phillip. Satan and Saddam are about to take over the world, but Kenny persuades Satan to kill the callous Saddam. A grateful Satan grants Kenny's wish to return everything to normal; Kenny bids his friends goodbye and ascends to a heaven.


It's all too tempting for UK film goers to sneer at the excesses of US-based censorship and self-censorship in the film and television industry (and all too dangerous to be complacent when the track record of the BBFC and the broadcasters here is so patchy). But no community is more aware of the absurdities of the current climate and their own responsibilities than those who work in the American industry. The rancid atmosphere of genuine anxiety and hysteria hanging in air after the Colorado shootings in April is ripe for Swiftean satire.

So South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut couldn't have come out at a better time. Skewering the military, politicians, the media, xenophobic Americans and weirdly-accented Canadians, meddlesome Jewish mothers ("horrific depictions of violence [in film] is OK as long as no one says naughty words," says Kyle's mother Sheila), smug school counsellors and misogynist schoolteachers ("never trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die," sums up Mr Garrison's advice on the subject of women), the acting Baldwin and Arquette families, Canadians Bryan Adams and Alanis Morissette, dim starlets Brooke Shields and Winona Ryder, gay relationships, suburban coprophiliacs, black machismo, people with car alarms, Disney movies (Satan's ballad 'Up There' is a spot-on parody of many a lyrical montage of Disney protagonist suffering) and many more, the film seems hell-bent on making good on celluloid the television series' pre-credits warning that the following material is "offensive" and "should not be seen by anybody".

Co-producers and South Park's creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have revealed in interviews that the title's "uncut" may be a bit of a misnomer: early versions of the script certainly offended the delicate sensibilities of the MPAA (the US version of the BBFC). Some of the compromises agreed seemed even more vicious to them, so if their account is true this may be the first case of censorship improving a script. Whatever the cause, Bigger Longer & Uncut is far tauter, more a laser-guided contraption than the often scattershot episodes of the series. The only element that doesn't work here is the character of Christophe, an atheist French kid whose contribution seems negligible. Fans of the show will bemoan more space couldn't be spared for favourite recurring characters such as Chef (but he does get to initiate a wonderful running gag about clitorises).

Even if South Park Bigger Longer & Uncut is unlikely to shame pro-censorship critics into silence, at least the success of the film at the US box office and that of its soundtrack album in the record shops will be seen by history as a victory of sorts: the revenge of drama-club nerds, we might call it. Clearly Parker and Stone spent far more time than is healthy rehearsing productions of Guys and Dolls and On the Town in high school, because to all intents and purposes this film is a musical, and a damn good one at that. Kenny in heaven knows it's certainly an improvement on Cannibal! The Musical, Parker and Stone's first slapdash film. And they can also now be officially forgiven for their second film, Orgazmo.


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