September 1999

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#Stanley Kubrick 1928-99 Resident Phantoms

When The Shining was first released in 1980 it was dismissed as a technical exercise in horror, but its reputation has grown. Jonathan Romney thinks it may be the most perceptive film about writer's block ever made

#Silicone And Sentiment

A big hit in Europe, Pedro Almodóvar's triumphant new All about My Mother is a repository of all his best themes and a mature new departure

At Home With The Kubricks

In an exclusive interview, Stanley Kubrick's wife Christiane and his daughters Anya and Katharina talk to Nick James about Kubrick the family man, his misconstrued perfectionism and his inexhaustible spirit of enquiry

Too Late The Hero

Dreams and death, desire and the irrational: Kubrick's last film Eyes Wide Shut is almost a résumé of the director's main concerns. It's also a surprisingly funny film the US critics didn't get, argues Larry Gross

Real Horrorshow: A Short Lexicon Of Nadsat

Anthony Burgess' fame increased hugely when Kubrick's film of his novel A Clockwork Orange became a scandal on its release. Yet he begrudged Kubrick the liberties he took, reports Kevin Jackson

TV Special

Michael Tracey assesses the legacy of the BBC's John Birt while programme-makers and others place bets on his successor Greg Dyke. Plus David Pearson on Hospital, news and reviews

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Eyes Wide Shut

Surprisinlgy staid, Kubrick's last film is more interested in fidelity - that of its central couple and that of the film to its source book. Review by Charles Whitehouse

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