American Pie

USA 1999

Reviewed by Kevin Maher


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

East Great Falls High, Michigan, the present. Senior student Jim is caught masturbating by his parents. The next day the brash Stifler invites Jim and friends Oz, Kevin and Finch to a party. At the party, Kevin's girlfriend Vicky spits a mouthful of Kevin's semen into a glass of beer which Stifler accidentally drinks. Jim and his friends pledge to lose their virginity by Prom night - three weeks away. Jim's father lectures him about the female form; Oz, a talented lacrosse player, joins the school choir to get close to singer Heather; and rumours spread about Finch's sexual prowess.

Told that 'third base' feels like apple pie, Jim is caught having sex with an apple pie. Czech exchange student Nadia comes over to study with Jim. She changes in his room while Jim secretly watches her. He comes back into the room while she's masturbating; she forces him to strip for her. He has two premature ejaculations.

In school Jim's performance has made him a laughing stock. Shy band member Michelle invites him to the prom. Stifler discovers that Finch has been paying for his own rumours, and tricks him into drinking a laxative. Oz leaves the lacrosse team for Heather. At the prom Jim has sex with Michelle, Kevin with Vicky, and Finch with Stifler's mother.


That debut screenwriter Adam Herz has used Bob Clark's Porky's (1981) as a structural template for American Pie is obvious. From the opening erection gag through to the alternative penetration setpiece, this bawdy account of over-excitable high-school teens who 'just gotta get laid' is surprisingly faithful to the crude episodic pay-offs of its predecessor. But, whereas Porky's crudely celebrated the scopophilic urge of its male leads to view women as strippers, prostitutes or virgin cheerleaders from the safety of hidden peepholes, the actual, naive engagement of American Pie's young protagonists with their objects of desire lends the film an apologetic and often sweetly emasculated tone.

Herz and director Paul Weitz (co-writer of Antz) have dispensed with the usual hierarchy of teen-movie characters, where the smart students are socially maladjusted nerds and the athletes thuggish jocks. Instead, Jim, Kevin, Oz and Finch are a largely anonymous, banal, foursome. The characters are ciphers of adolescent trauma, easy targets that provide this slim tale with its comic centre. There are some overtly Oedipal obsessions - Stifler's mother represents the ultimate in sexual booty, Jim chooses to have sex with his mom's apple pie, and the gang even have a category of desirable women known by the acronym MILF ("Moms I'd Like to Fuck").

On a more conspicuous comedic level, there are inserts from the Something about Mary school of body horror, for instance Jim's two consecutive premature ejaculations and Kevin's accidentally imbibed semen. But surprisingly enough, given the film's reactionary antecedents, it is only in the presence of the female characters that American Pie offers genuine wit and sparkle.

An opening exchange between a nervous Oz and the college girl who announces that she's studying "Post Modernist Feminist Thought" sets the standard. The control exercised by Natasha Lyonne's cynical Jessica, Alyson Hannigan's introverted dominatrix Michelle, and Mena Suvari's virgin Heather over their ineffectual menfolk provides the film's narrative momentum. Jessica's tale-spinning leads to Finch's crisis; Heather's belief in virginity brings Oz off the sports field and into the school choir; even Shannon Elizabeth's thankless role as Nadia, the semi-naked exchange student, is given a pro-active twist when she forces Jim to perform a humiliating striptease.

On a technical level though, banal sit-com shooting style and generic teen performances often make American Pie indistinguishable from the likes of She's All That and Varsity Blues. And even Herz and Weitz's overhaul of the Porky's formula has its flaws - the bullying of an incontinent classmate, the introduction of a college heirloom of secret sexual technique, and the beginning of Nadia's bedroom frolics all seem to be lazily skewed towards a familiar teenage male demographic. An ending that sees our boys return from the sexual front rejoicing in bachelorhood also rings off on a conservative note: "This is the coolest!" says Kevin, as the boys drink shakes together safely beyond the grasp of female interference. For such a shameless re-invention of 80s smut, American Pie is better than we might expect, but in the end it's simply a noble addition to the lower ranks of thoughtful teen comedies.


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