Disturbing Behavior

USA/Australia 1998

Reviewed by Danny Leigh


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

The small town of Cradle Bay, the US. Grieving over the suicide of their eldest son, the Clark family arrive from Chicago. On his first day at the local high school, remaining son Steve is introduced to its various cliques by alienated Gavin Strick and his albino friend U.V.: among them are the Blue Ribbons, an exclusive gaggle of overachievers. Later, Steve meets school guidance counsellor and Blue Ribbon-Svengali Doctor Caldicott, and Rachel, another of Gavin's friends. Gavin tells Steve he believes the Blue Ribbons are a murderous cult.

Meanwhile, a Blue Ribbon attacks Rachel in the school boiler room, only to be foiled by janitor Newberry. That evening, Gavin discovers his parents are planning to have him recruited into the Blue Ribbons. Terrified, he flees. However, the next day at school he appears among the Blue Ribbons. Steve and Rachel steal the school's staff files and learn Caldicott came to teaching from a career in neuropharmacology. They realise the Blue Ribbons are victims of his experiments in mind control. Steve and Rachel are captured by Caldicott, but Newberry intervenes once more, saving the pair in a kamikaze rescue bid which simultaneously wipes out the Blue Ribbons. Caldicott is also killed. Steve, Rachel and U.V. depart the now-deserted Cradle Bay. Weeks later, in an inner-city high school, a new student teacher is introduced to the class: Gavin Strick.


Although mostly a recasting of Bryan Forbes' overwrought thriller The Stepford Wives (1974) as a morality tale for Marilyn Manson fans, Disturbing Behaviour nonetheless wastes little time in pillaging stylistic touches from a slew of other sources. Barely a frame goes by without a touch of Twin Peaks, a scintilla of The Lost Boys, or even - in its hysterical finale - a quick rummage through A Clockwork Orange (1971).

However, director David Nutter's primary influence is The X Files, for which he directed several episodes, and Disturbing Behavior exudes - notably in the jarring fades to black which pepper the film - an essentially small-screen sensibility. Of course, this approach has its compensations (the pacing, for example, is agreeably brisk). On the whole, however, Nutter seems ill at ease with the physical expansion, and his narrow range of atmospheric panning shots and extreme close-ups of eyeballs only goes so far.

Nutter also hovers nervously around the semi-parodic without ever embracing the downright frothy tropes of, say, The Faculty. The dialogue in particular oscillates between one-liners so studied they could almost pass for Gregg Araki ("Self-mutilate this, fluid girl," remarks one anonymous Blue Ribbon baddie) and impossibly banal, apparently straight-faced moments of exposition ("Neuropharmacology?" quivers Steve, "You mean mind control?"). Ultimately, the same schizophrenic impulse pervades the entire film: it's too pompous to be camp, but too silly to be genuinely engaging.

None of which is helped by the script's reliance on leaden clichés. The characterisation consists mostly of lazily written archetypes - the chisel-jawed hero, mourning the dead brother, the feisty chick sidekick with her barbed-wire tattoos, and, with Gavin before his transformation, the Holy Fool. Yet even dealing with such ciphers, Nutter cannot maintain any narrative coherence: amid the series of virtual non-sequiturs which precede the resolution, for instance, we're left wholly in the dark over why the nefarious Caldicott would actually want to brainwash a bunch of pimply ingrates into improving their grades and side-parting their hair. As a consequence, all that remains is a confused paean to a generic notion of individuality, tailor-made for the noble outsider fantasies of perpetual adolescence.


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