LA without a Map

UK/France/Finland 1998

Reviewed by Melanie McGrath


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

After a chance meeting in a Bradford cemetery with Barbara, a young American actress, aspiring writer Richard Tennant breaks off his engagement, quits the undertaking business and heads off to LA to find true love with Barbara. But once there, Richard finds he has a rival in Patterson, a rising film director, who promises to take Barbara away from her job waitressing and make a star of her.

Moving into an apartment in a seedy part of town, Richard starts work with his oddball musician neighbour Moss cleaning swimming pools. In his spare time he concentrates on winning Barbara. Moss, meantime, falls for Barbara's best friend Julie and the foursome drive off together for a weekend in Vegas where Richard and Barbara wed. Back in LA Richard finds himself a hot-shot agent, Takowsky, who enthuses over Richard's script for a film called Oozy Suicide. Barbara auditions for a choice film role. But Barbara discovers the film's director is Patterson and soon she starts dating him again. Desperate to win back his wife, Richard tries to talk to Barbara at a party, but things go from bad to worse and Richard is arrested for harassment. Takowsky comes to the rescue, bails Richard out and sends him back to England.

Richard is back conducting funerals in Bradford when Barbara appears with a contract for the film rights to Oozy Suicide. She has finally seen through Patterson and has come back to England to make a new start with Richard.


Apparently, LA without a Map is a romantic comedy. And, indeed, there are two romantic moments in this film: the first when Richard and Barbara look out across a morbid graveyard to the bright lights of Bradford; the second, when Richard finds himself alone looking out across another set of bright lights to the moral graveyard of Los Angeles. And there are two comic moments, both from movie agent Takowsky. He responds to Richard's novel by saying, "We call them treatments here," and later insists on using a hankie to pick up a prison phone.

If these four moments are sufficient to convince you LA without a Map is a romantic comedy, then read no further. If not, then let me say that this film fails on so many levels, to list them all on paper would be to cause global deforestation. We'll begin at the top, with genre. Aside from romance and comedy, the romantic comedy presupposes that, whatever their complexities, the protagonists emerge at the end as two more or less sympathetic people who make a winning sort of couple. Surely what the genre cannot accommodate is a heroine of such irritating superficiality, such infantilised passivity, that you wouldn't wish her on Donald Trump, even with a prenup. We've seen such 'heroines' before - A Life Less Ordinary had one in Cameron Diaz's character. They may well be the immature man's wet dream, but to the rest of us they're a pain in the arse. "I knew she was trouble the moment I set eyes on her," says our hero and anyone versed in the genre could fill in the rest.

The script (written by Richard Rayner, author of the original autobiographical novel, and writer/director Mika Kaurismäki, brother of the more famous Aki) appears to suffer from split-personality disorder. Whole scenes are devoted to a single laboured punchline, while the marriage of hero and heroine (a big event, you would think) happens in such a rush shotguns are nearly visible. Cliché piles on banality to produce such lines as, "Twelve of these and you really know you've had a drink," and "When I get married I want it to mean something!" There is much in the execution that is simply sloppy. Time is sloppily elastic. Bradford is not "10,000 miles" from LA and an amplified acoustic guitar does not sound the same as an electric one.

References to directors Jim Jarmusch and Andrei Tarkovsky seem pretentious, cameos by Johnny Depp, Anouk Aimée and the Leningrad Cowboys equally so only adding to the general air of desperation. Even David Tennant's easy, confident performance and competent back-up from the supporting cast (with the exception of Vincent Gallo, who overplays) fail to take this film out of the doldrums. LA without a Map is one piece of celluloid that deserves to get lost.


Julie Baines
Sarah Daniel
Pierre Assouline
Richard Rayner
Mika Kaurismäki
Based on the novel Los Angeles without a Map by
Richard Rayner
Director of Photography
Michel Amathieu
Ewa J. Lind
Production Designer
Caroline Hanania
Sebastien Cortella
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Mika Kaurismäki
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Paul Jyrälä
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Recording Artistes:
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Film Extracts
La vie de Bohème (1992
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David Tennant
Richard Tennant
Vinessa Shaw
Julie Delpy
Vincent Gallo
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Johnny Depp
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