A Midsummer Night's Dream

USA/Germany 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Felperin


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Monte Athena, Italy, the 1890s. Duke Theseus is asked to adjudicate a complaint brought by Egeus: his daughter Helena refuses to marry Demetrius, Egeus' preferred suitor, and insists on marrying Lysander. Theseus tells Helena she must either obey or become a nun by his own wedding day. Helena and Lysander decide to elope. They are pursued into the woods by Helena's friend Hermia, who is in love with Demetrius despite his indifference, and Demetrius himself. Meanwhile, some amateur actors rehearse Pyramus and Thisbe. The weaver Bottom will play Pyramus.

In the woods, Oberon, the king of the fairies, is having an argument with his queen, Titania. To humiliate Titania, Oberon charges his minion Puck to anoint her eyes with a love potion that will cause her to fall in love with the first creature she sees when she wakes up; this turns out to be Bottom, whom Puck also turns into an ass. Chancing upon the mortal foursome in the woods, Oberon instructs Puck to use the same love juice on Demetrius, but Puck mistakenly bewitches Lysander instead who awakes and falls in love with Hermia. Trying to correct the problem, Demetrius is also made to fall in love with Hermia. Eventually Puck sorts things out so that Lysander is in love with Helena and Demetrius with Hermia. Bottom awakes returned to mortal form after his night of passion with Titania. Back in Monte Athena, Egeus relents and lets Helena choose her mate. Pyramus and Thisbe is performed before the Duke and his bride Hippolyta, the four lovers and the court.


Decrying the deployment of operatic spectacle in Georgian productions of A Midsummer Night's Dream, William Hazlitt once wrote, "That which is merely an airy shape, a dream, a passing thought, immediately becomes an unmanageable reality." And indeed, this play above all of Shakespeare's others, for all its fey charm and the witty delicacy of its verse, lends itself to pageantry and tricks. All those fairy costumes to make! Peter Brook's famous 1970 staging of the play, with its bare, white set and caftan-clad cast, attempted to strip the text back to the bone. The patrician Hazlitt would have approved. He'd probably have been suspicious of this latest film version's use of twinkling digital effects and lurex-and-lamé encrusted production design, although its frothy, nineteenth-century jeu d'esprit would probably seem more familiar to him than Brook's cerebral, Beckettian, Age of Aquarius workout.

Sporting a shamelessly commercial all-star cast and textually shorn to make a comfortable, diverting two-hour flick, it's the lack of intellectual pretensions that finally makes this version so endearing. Director Michael Hoffman is best known for the playful period film Restoration, based on the novel by Rose Tremain, and the romantic comedy One Fine Day - a perfect track record for juggling Midsummer's upscale literary pedigree with its screwball knockabout. Just to drive home the source material's relevance to the quixotic, irrational perils of single life, Hoffman has cast Calista Flockhart as Hermia, one of the hapless, foolish lovers. Clad here as 1890s 'modern woman' with daring pantaloons and a (scandalously anachronistic) bicycle, her neurotic persona from Ally McBeal dovetails nicely with Hermia's whiny, desperate pursuit of Demetrius, and her verse delivery is impeccable. Sadly, the same can't be said for Michelle Pfeiffer (supposedly Ally McBeal's real-life model), whose Titania is more wood than wood sprite.

With such a well-known play, viewers familiar with the work are invited to assess the production on how well cast and executed the performances are. Hoffman's quartet of bickering lovers, eventually reduced to ungainly mud-wrestling, are all cohesive and excellent, though Kevin Kline's Bottom (indeed most of his anatomy) is annoyingly preening here, smug in its blithe competence and straining too hard for sympathy.

An ambitious and logical crack is taken at playing the story's two realms - real-world 'Monte Athena' (the version's no-good-reason substitute for the original's Athens) versus the fairy grove - in two different registers, the first grounded in Italian real locations, the second shot on the Cinecittà sound stages, enhancing it's theatrical quality and making it likeably reminiscent of Wilhelm Dieterle's beguiling, nitrate-rich monochrome 1935 film version (famous for starring James Cagney, Mickey Rooney and, in a tiny part, Kenneth Anger). Despite Hazlitt, the artificial glamour of the set makes this Midsummer's reality all the more manageable.


Leslie Urdang
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman
Based on the play by
William Shakespeare
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Oliver Stapleton
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Luciana Arrighi
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