Down to You

USA 2000

Reviewed by jamie Graham


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

New York City, the late 90s. Sophomore college student Al meets freshman Imogen at a bar. They begin a relationship. The honeymoon period is cut short by Imogen's annual family trip to France for the summer. After her return, the pair continue where they left off, but the chemistry has waned. Their sex life is now intermittent and both find themselves tempted by others. Imogen's fears are compounded by a false pregnancy scare. Attending a party with Al that night, the duo argue bitterly and go their separate ways. The next morning, Imogen calls for Al and confesses she cheated on him the night before. They split up, and Imogen moves to San Francisco while Al, after graduation, becomes a chef. Unable to get over Imogen, he swallows a bottle of her shampoo. Al recuperates and attends a party thrown by his parents. Imogen surprises him by turning up. The pair are reconciled and move west together.


Like Rob Reiner's The Story of Us and Stephen Frears' upcoming High Fidelity, both of which scrutinise the highs and lows of modern relationships, Down to You initially seems better than it actually is by pressing the right buttons. If The Story of Us looks at early fortysomethings and High Fidelity mid thirtysomethings, Down to You is the late-teen version, set amid college students living in a romantically photographed New York City. Hence the topic is not just love but first love, with all its extra freight of emotion and impact. The opening stages of the film are full of energy as Al and Imogen's relationship accelerates, with flashbacks, flashbacks-within-flashbacks, split screens, pop irises and straight-to-camera addresses lifting the proceedings.

Debut director Kris Isacsson, who comes to Down to You off a series of short films, is at pains to keep things snappy and imaginative, but his head of steam disperses when it's time to deal with the souring of his duo's relationship. He tries to bring a little enterprise to the inevitable scenes of bickering and moody silence, but by now the vitalising tactics seem out of place. One device is particularly misjudged as Al, having just had his sexual advances batted off by Imogen, switches on the television to see himself being mocked on an imaginary talk show for his wet personality. Considering Al is so square you could cut yourself on his corners, it only serves to reinforce the viewer's wonder as to just what Imogen sees in him in the first place. Certainly Julia Stiles' previous incarnation, the spiky Katarina in 10 Things I Hate about You, wouldn't have given him a second glance. Down to You is irreparably crippled, however, when Imogen moves to San Francisco. Becoming the filmic equivalent of a wailing Bon Jovi ballad, it leaves us to chew our fists as Al sits drunk and forlorn in his empty apartment, conversing with a spider. But not even that plumbs the embarrassing depths of a perplexing sub-plot in which Al's closest friend becomes the star of a string of pornographic epics.


Kris Isacsson
Jason Kliot
Joana Vicente
Kris Isacsson
Director of Photography
Robert Yeoman
Stephen A. Rotter
Production Designer
Kevin Thompson
Music/Music Conductor
Edmund Choi
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