August 2000

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#Books Special

As a book on videogames traces the history of play from Plato to Pac-Man, Michael Bracewell asks what's next for medium.

#In The Mood For Edinburgh

Wong Kar-Wai talks about his most difficult film-making experience with Tony Rayns. Plus festival highlights: Japan's horror hit The Ring, Mike Figgis' split-screen Time Code, The Beaver Trilogy and why Max Ophuls matters

The Misfits Of Zwigoff

After the success of Crumb, Terry Zwigoff was inundated with Hollywood scripts. SF Said is on set to find out why he chose instead to make a bizarre teen movie out of the comic book Ghost World

The Oldest Swinger In Town

Emmanuelle's notorious softcore franchise is 25 years old. Linda Ruth Williams revisits the 70s to pin down its erotic and exotic appeal and uncover the tricks that have helped it endure. Plus Boyd Farrow on Lars von Trier's Pussy Power

In A Harsh Light

Amos Gitai's Kadosh is a tale of love and rebellion in Jerusalem's most closed orthodox community. Nick James talks to its director about filming a human landscape

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: High Fidelity

Despite its cynical gloss on romance, High Fidelity is a sweet sentimental tale, remixed for audiences who think they're too smart for schmaltz. Andy Medhurst likes it so much he bought the album.

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