Jack Frost

USA 1998

Reviewed by Amanda Lipman


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Frost is a singer in a rock band on the brink of success. When he's not on the road or in a studio somewhere, he lives with his wife Gabby and their 11 year-old son Charlie in Colorado. Jack breaks, a Promise to Charlie to watch him play in an ice-hockey match. To make up for it, he promises the three of them will spend Christmas together in a cabin in the mountains, At the last minute Jack is invited to a music mogul's party with the lure of a big record deal. Half way there, he decides to go back to his family for

Christmas after all, but is killed on the way in a car accident.

A year later, Charlie is still grieving for his dad. After a new fall of snow he decides to build a snowman in the garden, something he and his father did each year. He dresses it in his father's old scarf and hat. That night, the snowman comes to life as jack. Charlie is at first horrified, then drawn to the snowman who saves him from the school bullies and becomes the father he never was before. jack drags himself across th e rapidly melting snow to see Charlie play gloriously in the ice-hockey team. Desperate not to lose his father again, Charlie takes Jack up to the

cabin in the mountains to cool him down, but jack realises he has to leave and says goodbye to Charlie and Gabby.


From its opening rock version of 'Frosty the Snowman' onwards, Jack Frost makes the point that it is a children's film with an adult theme about loss and bereavement. This old-fashioned rites-of passage story is knowingly overlaid with contemporary psychological references. When Jack returns as the snowman he even talks his way through the various 'stages' of mourning - denial, anger, grief - as he works out how he's been reincarnated.

The story is played out almost entirely through the relationship between Jack and Charlie and moves fairly adeptly between the experience of each of them. When Jack is alive, his world revolves around his band and his love for his wife and son, endlessly anguished with guilt for never being there enough. Once he's dead, he becomes both a comic recreation, trying to come to terms with his new outer self and, now free of his life's other distractions, an utterly involved father, Keaton plays out the living Jack with manic enthusiasm, allowing himself to relax into comedy as the voice of the snowman. Meanwhile, Charlie zigzags sensitively and convincingly between hero worship and anger towards his living father and we see how that anger becomes part of his depression once Jack has died. When he finds Jack again, there is something touching both in his love, which overcomes any sense of the ridiculous, and his tenacious determination to keep jack against all the odds.

The message - that children have to learn to deal with loss as part of growing up may sometimes feel rather crudely put, but it is certainly a potent one. As Jack leaves for the last time, promising to be always in Charlie's heart, we can all weep with Charlie as he learns that, contrary to all our existential fears, 'dead' does not have to mean 'forgotten'. Even the film's bad boy, the orphaned school bully, seems to have learned this lesson when (via the kind of instant magic only found in films) he is touched by Charlie's determination to keep his father and, muttering "snowdad" is better than no dad" helps him on his way.

The film is tied up in its father/son dynamic that, inevitably, other characters remain less than satisfying. In particular, the sexy, understanding, perfect-mother Gabby is always just one step behind the real emotional dynamic, acting as a foil for the relationship between Jack and Charlie, and never quite coming to life herself. But it hardly needs saying that this is not, ultimately, a piece of social realism. It's a modern fairytale, complete with a magic harmonica that brings the snowman to life and a picture-postcard setting, featuring row upon row of twinkling Christmas lights and endless snowy vistas. And these also provide the backdrop for the impressive and exciting fight-and-chase scenes full of giant snowballs, sleighs, ice skates and snowboards, guaranteed to appeal to snow-hungry kids.


Mark Canton
Irying Azoff
Mark Steven Johnson
Steve Bloom
Jonathan Roberts
Jeff Cesario
Mark Steven Johnson
Director of Photography
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Lawrence Jordan
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Mayne Berke
Trevor Rabin
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Trevor, lead guitar
Lili Haydn
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Louis Molino III
Lou, drummer
Scott Colomby
Scott, bass
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