March 1999

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#The Innovators 1900-1910: Time After Time

In the first of our new ten-part series focusing on the century's innovators in film, Charles Musser reviews the legacy of Edwin S. Porter, the man who helped invent modern continuity editing

#Bass Hysteria

Ron 'Rain Man' Bass, the most powerful screenwriter in Hollywood, has a staff of eight advisors called the 'Ronettes'. Who does the writing, wonders Benedict Carver

#This Is Your Life

Koreeda Hirokazu's After Life is set in a limbo where the newly dead decide on one memory to take with them to the hereafter. Tony Rayns introduces the film and talks to its director

Welcome To The Nerdhouse

Todd Solondz's Happiness features a sympathetic paedophile. Neil LaBute's Your Friends & Neighbours focuses on misogynists, rapists and philanderers. Charles Taylor wonders why so many US indie films seem to think human beings are "basically shits"

Heartbreak And Miracles

Central Station, Walter Salles' Oscar-nominated road movie about an orphan and a woman who helps him, has won praise around the world. He talks to Nick James about Brazil's heartland and beating Titanic and Godzilla at the box office


1998's list of the late lamented, compiled by Bob Baker, plus featured obituaries for Frank Sinatra, Betty Boop's voice Mae Questel and producer Anatole Dauman

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Beloved

Beloved may have too many mothers caring for it, but Charlotte O'Sullivan believes that the problem child brings some joy

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