Patch Adams

USA 1998

Reviewed by Kevin Maher


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

North Virginia, 1969. After a failed suicide attempt Hunter Adams checks himself into Fairfax psychiatric hospital. Because he has a rapport with other patients and is disgusted with current medical practice, he decides to become a doctor himself. Two years later he attends Virginia Medical University. Unhappy with the lack of patient contact, Adams makes secret visits to the college hospital to entertain terminally ill children. Walcott, the dean of studies, finds out about Adams' trips and warns him to keep away from the hospital. Adams falls for one of his classmates, Carin, and continues visiting and entertaining the patients. He is discovered and given a final warning.

Unperturbed Adams decides to set up a free hospital in the countryside of West Virginia with Carin and another medical student, Truman. The hospital, named the Gesundheit Institute, is an immediate success. One night, while Adams and Truman are stealing basic supplies from the college hospital, Carin is murdered by a Gesundheit patient. Walcott learns of Gesundheit and expels Adams from the college for practising without being qualified. Adams goes to the board of appeal to plead his case. At the hearing, Adams defends Gesundheit and demands that doctors care more for their patients. He is reinstated by the board and later graduates.


"You have a gift, you have a way with people - they like you!" is just one of the many platitudinous commendations repeatedly hurled at Robin Williams' 'Patch' Adams in this excessively sentimental movie. Playing a benevolent doctor of laughter, Williams returns once again here to the altruistic man-child persona that first gained him fame in the television series Mork & Mindy and was honed in such films as Dead Poets Society, The Fisher King, Jack and Jumanji. Yet in crafting Patch Adams into an archetypal 'Robin Williams vehicle' comedy director Tom Shadyac (Liar Liar) and writer Steve Oedekerk (who co-wrote The Nutty Professor with Shadyac and others) have merely highlighted how limited and reductive this same wide-eyed persona has become.

The film-makers have taken the admirably radical life of Hunter Doherty Adams as described in the quasi-autobiographical book Gesundheit: Good Health is a Laughing Matter, and processed it through the screenwriting mill. Gone are the years spent touring Europe, the trips to Russia, the pleas for world peace, the work in black ghettos and the conscientious-objector status - all elements formally and politically problematic for a mainstream movie. Instead, ten days of positive affirmation in a mental institution and a week of arguments with Dean Walcott are transformed, pace Joseph Campbell or John Grisham, into the key structural trials of Adams' life. (Incidentally, Adams earned the moniker 'Patch' from the black anti-Vietnam badge he always wore on his doctor's lapel, and not, as the movie so quaintly suggests, from fixing a leaking cup with sticky-tape.)

Then there's Adams himself. Familiar to many Americans from his numerous television appearances, at a lanky six feet and four inches, with long hair and a conspicuous Salvador Dali moustache, he could hardly be physically farther from Williams' short, neatly cropped and clean-shaven hero. Of course, this hardly matters since Williams is clearly playing Williams here. And though Patch Adams flirts with the staples of the college flick, the hospital tearjerker and the courtroom drama, the greater part of its effect depends upon how one feels about Williams' slapstick and manic-delivery shtick. Director Shadyac underscores Williams' comic routines with superfluous and frankly relentless reaction shots of patients and hospital staff alike crumpling with laughter. It's an effect that becomes strangely numbing, and it helps convince us that yet again we're watching a showcase for Williams' familiar talents rather than the natural progression of a fictional character.

Finally, and in what can only be described as an immense lapse in judgement, the film-makers have chosen to have real cancer-stricken children playing themselves in the hospital scenes. This means that after some predictable lip-service is paid to dying with dignity and humanity, the children are wheeled out in the movie's closing courtroom scene as a visual punchline to Adams' syrupy rhetoric. That real pain and suffering could be used so casually and insouciantly is a sad indictment of a movie that purports to deal with the altruism of its central character while assuaging only the egotism of its star.


Barry Kemp
Mike Farrell
Marvin Minoff
Charles Newirth
Steve Oedekerk
Based on the book Gesundheit: Good Health Is a Laughing Matter by
Hunter Doherty Adams
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