Sour Grapes

USA 1997

Reviewed by Andy Richards


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Richie Maxwell and his cousin Evan, a brain surgeon, are spending the weekend with their girlfriends in Atlantic City. Having exhausted their gambling funds, Richie drops his last quarter into a fruit machine. Evan gives him two more quarters to have a chance of the big prize. Richie wins a jackpot of $436,214, but offers Evan only $1,000 to cover his gambling losses. Evan insists he's entitled to half of the jackpot. The cousins part acrimoniously.

Evan informs Richie that Richie has an inoperable brain tumour. Knowing his doting mother Selma will be devastated by his death, Richie plans a mercy killing for her. Richie instructs a friendly bum, Digby, to break into his mother's house. Selma collapses from shock, and is hospitalised. Evan calls the next day to tell Richie that the tumour was a joke. Evan botches an operation performed on television soap star Danny Pepper, accidentally emasculating him, which results in Pepper losing his job.

The cousins are both dumped by their girlfriends. Richie is told that Selma needs a brain operation. Richie begs Evan to do it. He successfully performs the operation - and asks for a fee of $218,000.

Returning home, Evan is confronted by Pepper. During the scuffle, the briefcase of money falls from the balcony; Digby finds it. When she discovers that Digby and his friends have moved into her house, Selma has a fatal heart attack. At her funeral, Selma's landlord gives Richie a hefty bill for damages; Richie gives Evan two quarters for a parking meter; and Digby arrives in an expensive car.


The feature debut of Larry David (co-creator with Jerry Seinfeld of the television sitcom Seinfeld), Sour Grapes provides dispiriting evidence that material rooted in the conventions of the 22-minute television sitcom is not easily accommodated to the expanses of a feature film. Deprived of the safety net of a laugh track and a regular audience's familiarity with established characters, Sour Grapes is painfully ill-conceived. Its premise - two cousins feuding over the fruit-machine jackpot both of them contributed money towards - is too flimsy a foundation. Its clumsy ragbag of themes and sub-themes - the venality of television networks, male sexual insecurities and so on - only demonstrates the film's lack of focus.

Presumably an ad hoc structure appeals to David because he has been constrained for so long by Seinfeld's tight format and the constant rapidity with which that show demanded new ideas. However, as a result, Sour Grapes lacks identity: its humour varies in tone erratically from the vulgar (a running gag has Craig Bierko's Richie fellate himself), to the self-consciously arch (there's a diversion about Eskimo court procedure) to the tired Jewish-mother material already familiar from Seinfeld itself.

Accidental emasculation aside, the film never attains the blackness of comedy for which David seems to be striving. It even opts unwisely for a brief parody of Seinfeld's ratings-rival Friends - Danny Pepper's excruciatingly smug show Guys and Gals - but this step out of the fictional world merely reminds viewers of the film's inadequacies.

Lacking stars, Sour Grapes satisfies itself with lesser-knowns Craig Bierko and Steven Weber, an uncharismatic duo who cannot sustain our interest in the blandly unsympathetic rival cousins they play. A curiously throwaway cameo from Philip Baker Hall (who was masterful in Paul Thomas Anderson's Hard Eight), and a severely underdeveloped role for Hal Hartley collaborator Karen Sillas as Evan's girlfriend Joan are also questionable. This kind of casting, perhaps designed to give the production a spurious US-indie flavour, seems redundant and wasteful in a film that fails to play as anything other than over-extended, low-brow television - an impression compounded by the unimaginative televisual style of static master shots jumping back and forth into close-ups. David will have work harder at extended play in future to escape his sitcom prison.


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