Philip Kemp

Philip Kemp is a freelance reviewer and film historian, a regular contributor to Sight & Sound and Total Film, and teaches Film Journalism at the University of Leicester. He recently edited Cinema: The Whole Story (Thames & Hudson, 2011).

Online articles

#Under the Bridges Lost and found

Though shot in Germany in 1944, Helmut Käutner’s Under the Bridges defiantly avoids any reference to Nazism. By Philip Kemp. from S&S June 2012

#Goodbye First Love Film of the month

Girl meets boy, girl loses boy, girl meets older man… The new film by Mia Hansen-Løve confirms the promise of Father of My Children with a frank – and very French – look at the pangs of young love, says Philip Kemp.
from S&S May 2012

#The Descendants Film of the month

Alexander Payne’s follow-up to About Schmidt and Sideways is a characteristic mix of funny and painful, with Hawaii lawyer George Clooney struggling with family baggage as his wife lies in a coma. By Philip Kemp.
from S&S February 2012

#The Iron Lady Review

Thatcher – The Biopic runs shy of politics. Philip Kemp scratches his head. from S&S February 2012

The films of 2011The films of 2011 Poll

In a strong year for arthouse cinema, Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life emerged as the clear winner of the S&S poll of international critics’ best films of 2011, says Nick James. From S&S January 2012

#Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

In the hands of Let the Right One In director Tomas Alfredson, this feature adaptation preserves, even enhances, the atmosphere of mistrust and cynical insecurity in John le Carré’s spy-catcher novel, says Philip Kemp. from S&S October 2011

#The King’s Speech Review

Mystique and mischief: Tom Hooper’s film about the stammering future King George neatly has its royalty both ways, says Philip Kemp.
from S&S February 2011

#Brighton Rock Review

Rowan Joffe’s new adaptation of Graham Greene’s underworld thriller – classically filmed by the Boulting brothers in 1947 – distinguishes itself by updating the milieu to 1964. Philip Kemp wishes it hadn’t copied the former film’s ending. from S&S February 2011

The DVDs of 2010The DVDs of 2010 Poll

24 critics and curators pick out a range of often enterprisingly unheralded revivals, from early Ozu and von Sternberg to R.W. Fassbinder’s World on a Wire and Imamaura Shohei’s Profound Desires of the Gods. Web exclusive, January 2011

The films of 2010The films of 2010 Poll

The Social Network and Uncle Boonmee Who Can Remember His Past Lives head our round-up of the films and highlights of the year, as voted by 85 critics and curators.

#Tricks Review

from S&S October 2009

#Moon Review

In Duncan Jones' sci-fi chamber drama, Sam Rockwell meets a multiplicity of himself on the dark side of the moon. Reviewed by Philip Kemp.
from S&S August 2009

The DVDs of 2008The DVDs of 2008 Poll

Our inaugural poll of best new DVD releases welcomed Carl Dreyer’s Vampyr and Maurice Pialat’s L’Enfance nue back into the world. from S&S December 2008

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