June 1999

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#Rubber Reality

"What is the Matrix?" the trailers ask. Kim Newman probes the latest, flashiest example of the virtual-reality genre

#Ms Tough

Judy Davis, co-star of Woody Allen's Celebrity, specialises in fragile neurosis and formidable aggression. Profile by Leslie Felperin

#The Innovators 1930-1940: The Thin Black Line

Max Fleischer's animation studio, built with his brothers Dave and Joe, invented Betty Boop and the Popeye cartoons. Harvey Deneroff tells their story

Papa Yakuza

Having forsworn violence after Hana-Bi, 'Beat' Takeshi's latest film Kikujiro about a man and a child on the road evokes The Wizard of Oz. Tony Rayns reports from the set and interviews the director

Dooming The Video

DVD looks poised to replace video, with better picture and sound quality and instant-access menus. Graeme Harper explains how it works, Edward Lawrenson scans the formats that crashed and S&S looks at UK releases

TV Special

For our new quarterly television section, Andy Medhurst strips the wallpaper off lifestyle programmes. Plus Tony Marchant remembers Gotcha!, news, and reviews of Great Expectations, Shanghai Vice and Psychos

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: A Simple Plan

Sam Raimi's A Simple Plan may resemble other recent small-town crime films, but its emotional power and subtlety put it in a class of its own, argues Philip Kemp

Reviews in this issue:

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