January 2003

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#Odd Man Out

Director David Cronenberg and star Ralph Fiennes both identify with Spider, the shabby schizophrenic misfit at the heart of Cronenberg's new film. Kevin Jackson and Nick James find out why.

#Stealing Beauty

They've drawn inspiration from him, stolen from him and unearthed powerful memories of their childhoods - four leading directors tell Geoffrey Macnab what Ingmar Bergman means to them.

#The Right Trousers

Nick James talks to Ralph Fiennes abouts his experiences filming Spider.

Zero Gravity

Santa Claus is killed by children and soldiers shoot paintings - Divine Intervention director Elia Suleiman talks to S.F. Said about the fact and fantasy of Palestinian life under Israeli occupation.

Manhattan Asylum

Gangs of New York has led Martin Scorsese to reflect on what it means to be American and his relationship with his father. He tells Ian Christie about the origins and techniques of his long-awaited epic.

Angels with Dirty Faces

City of God is a painful portrait of teenage violence in Rio's favelas told like a rap action thriller. Ismail Xavier explains why the film has taken Brazil by storm.

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: 11'09''01 September 11

Last year 11 world-ranking directors were asked to make a short film about the WTC terrorist attacks for 11'09''01. Peter Matthews views the results.

Reviews in this issue:

  • About Schmidt
  • Big Shot's Funeral
  • Blood Work
  • Butterfly Man
  • City by the Sea
  • City of God
  • The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
  • Deathwatch
  • Die Another Day
  • Divine Intervention
  • Eight Crazy Nights
  • Film of the Month: 11'09''01 September 11
  • Ghost Ship
  • The Good Girl
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • The Kid Stays in the Picture
  • The Santa Clause 2
  • Spider
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
  • They
  • The Transporter
  • Trouble Every Day
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