August 2009

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#Gangsters special, part 3: Thunder roads

Since the 1960s, independent-minded US film-makers have been revisiting the Great Depression. Michael Atkinson explores the era's enduring appeal

#Seeing red: restoring The Red Shoes

With a little help from its greatest fan Martin Scorsese, Powell and Pressburger's 1948 masterpiece The Red Shoes returns to the screen in full Technicolor glory. But what does a restoration project on this scale really involve, asks Ian Christie

Making the waves

After the maelstrom of Cannes, where his extraordinary new horror film Antichrist earned a Best Actress award for Charlotte Gainsbourg - and a chorus of critical outrage - Lars von Trier talks to Stig Björkman in the calm of his writer's cabin outside Copenhagen

Give 'em enough rope

Like Sacha Baron Cohen's previous comic creations Ali G and Borat, Brüno forces us to confront our prejudices. But is the formula wearing thin, asks Kim Newman

Gangsters special, part 1: Johnny too bad

With Public Enemies, Michael Mann reinvents the gangster legends of his home city Chicago as his own distinctive brand of alpha-male head-to-head. But it's the look as much as the psychology that seems to fascinate him, says Nick James

Gangsters special, part 2: Bad company

For a few thrilling years in 1930s America, the real-life crime wave transformed both the kind of films made in Hollywood and the kind of writers and actors making them - and the gangster movie was born. By Lee Server

Steady as she goes

A tender portrait of the relationship between a father and his daughter, 35 Shots of Rum reveals a gentler side to risk-taking director Claire Denis. By Catherine Wheatley. PLUS James Bell talks to Claire Denis about trains, Ozu and the perfect father

Selected reviews

#Film of the month: Frozen River

A bleak tale of people-smuggling in the icy terrain of the US/Canadian border, Courtney Hunt's Oscar-nominated Frozen River exemplifies US indies' new concern with the lives of the poor, argues Ryan Gilbey

#DVD review: In Treatment

In Treatment makes gripping drama out of the conversations of a therapist and his patients. Tim Lucas analyses its success

#Film review: Moon

In Duncan Jones' sci-fi chamber drama, Sam Rockwell meets a multiplicity of himself on the dark side of the moon. Reviewed by Philip Kemp

#Film review: Rumba

Francophone mime duo Abel and Gordon revive the art of silent physical screen comedy in their elegantly absurdist second feature. Reviewed by Kate Stables

Reviews in this issue:

  • 35 Shots of Rum
  • Adam
  • Alice Neel
  • Antichrist/Antychryst
  • Bandslam
  • Blood The Last Vampire
  • Burma VJ Reporting from a Closed Country/Burma VJ Reporter i et lukket land
  • Charles Dickens's England
  • Coco before Chanel/Coco avant Chanel
  • Dogging A Love Story
  • Doghouse
  • Echoes of Home/Heimatklänge
  • Embodiment of Evil/Encarnaçao do demônio
  • Fired Up!
  • Film of the month: Frozen River
  • Ichi
  • DVD review: In Treatment
  • Land of the Lost
  • Louise Bourgeois The Spider, the Mistress and the Tangerine
  • Mad, Sad & Bad
  • Mesrine: Killer Instinct/L'instinct de mort/Nemico pubblico Nº1 L'istincto di morte
  • Film review: Moon
  • Objectified
  • Public Enemies
  • Revenge of the Fallen
  • Film review: Rumba
  • Skin
  • The Hangover/Hangover
  • The Heavy
  • The Proposal
  • The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
  • The Yes Men Fix the World
  • Three Miles North of Molkom…
  • Transformers
  • Year One
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