January 2010

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#Von Sternberg - six chapters in search of an auteur

The six films Josef von Sternberg made with the star he 'created', Marlene Dietrich, are a triumph of pure style and sensual excess over novelettish plots. To welcome a new season, David Thompson celebrates the master of light

Review of the year

A French resurgence and an unprecedentedly strong showing by women directors helped make 2009 an exceptional year, says Jonathan Romney as he surveys the results of Sight & Sound's annual Top Ten poll

PLUS 60 critics from around the world pick the five best films they saw in the last 12 months

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Mystery training

Jim Jarmusch's The Limits of Control pushes his customary droll cool to a new fractured abstraction - and has lost him fans in the process. But Nick James goes with the flow

PLUS The director tells James Mottram why the music comes first - and why he loves bad reviews

Ambition's debt

Richard Linklater's long-awaited new film Me and Orson Welles celebrates the great director's early glory days. But, as Linklater tells Rob Stone, seismic shifts in film distribution are now threatening the independent spirit that Welles embodied

PLUS Geoffrey Macnab talks to Norman Lloyd, survivor of Welles' 1937 production of Julius Caesar

Across the great divide

Sally Potter's films cross the boundaries between artforms, nationalities and genders. As the director turns 60, her biographer Sophie Mayer surveys her career

Selected reviews

#Film of the month: Nowhere Boy

Sam Taylor-Wood's debut 'Nowhere Boy' ultimately says less about the young John Lennon's evolution as a musician, and more about the two women who loomed large in his teenage years. By Trevor Johnston

#DVD review: Messiah of Evil

Tim Lucas welcomes the impeccably restored return of 1970s horror masterpiece 'Messiah of Evil'

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