Bring It On

USA 2000

Reviewed by Stephanie Zacharak


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

San Diego, the present. Under the leadership of Torrance, five-times national high-school cheerleading champs the Rancho Carne Toros start the school year certain they're on their way to their sixth victory. When a member of the team is injured, she's replaced by tough school newcomer Missy. Although championed by Torrance, who has a crush on her brother Cliff, Missy is the target of the other cheerleaders' scorn. They like her even less when she reveals that their potentially award-winning cheers have been stolen, by the Toros' previous captain, from the squad of an East Compton high school that's considered "invisible" because it's in a black neighbourhood.

The Toros try to get a new routine into shape by hiring a choreographer, which only results in their humiliation at the regional competition when another squad shows up with the same act. They then devise and perfect their own routine, which leads them to win second place in the nationals. The East Compton team, competing for the first time, takes first prize.


Conscious perhaps that the world doesn't need a biting satire of cheerleading, Bring It On's director Peyton Reed (who has worked largely in US television) gives us a pointedly funny and good-natured picture, one that takes the silliness of its subject as a given and moves on with intelligence and verve. Bring It On opens with a neat dream sequence featuring the Toros, a prize-winning school cheerleading team, which spells out everything that cheerleaders are thought to be - stuck-up, catty, super-popular, aggressively attractive, shallow - and then wallows gloriously in it. Before long, you're so revved up you can't wait to see their next routine.

The East Compton squad the Clovers, from a predominantly black neighbourhood, are particularly thrilling to watch. Led by the take-no-prisoners class act Isis (Gabrielle Union) and including members of the real-life R&B group Blaque, their sassy routines raise the cool quotient of a traditionally maligned sport. It's no wonder an all-white cheerleading squad would want to steal from them. But embedded in this particular theft is a bitter truth: the former cheerleading captain who stole from the Clovers clearly assumed it was OK to appropriate their material. Without being sticky-sweet or sanctimonious, Bring It On makes you consider that injustice seriously. What begins as a theft ends up being a spur to both sides to do more daring work - a wry comment, perhaps, on the positive effects of cross-cultural pollination?

Bring It On spins off one sly little joke after another, and the smart ensemble makes every one of them work. Eliza Dushku (who plays Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is likeable as the tough girl Missy who is really a serious gymnast but gradually becomes seduced by miniature uniforms and opposing-team taunts such as "That's all right, that's OK, you're gonna pump our gas someday!" Kirsten Dunst looks like every American high-school boy's dream date, and she plays captain Torrance's shallow suburban cluelessness with such a light touch that it's more endearing than wearying. When new kid Cliff Pantone ambles into the classroom wearing a Clash t-shirt, she asks with a shiver of girlish enthusiasm, "So, is that your band or something?" Later, when Torrance spends the night at Missy's house, she and Cliff find themselves sharing the bathroom mirror as they brush their teeth; their embarrassment at having to spit in front of one another makes for a beautifully staged comic flirtation. Given the movie's off-kilter savoir faire, it makes sense that their courtship should begin with starry eyes and foamy mouths.


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