December 2000

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#Stealth And Duty

Ang Lee's ravishing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon introduces full-throttled romance to the martial-arts genre. Philip Kemp finds out why the director keeps tackling projects so mould-breaking they scare him.

#Be Black And Buy

Black cinema has gone from rigorous arthouse independence to crowd-pleasing mimicry of the mainstream. It's time to combine the best of both worlds in a black film industry, argues Ed Guerrero.

Crimes And Misdemeanours

Liv Ullmann's Faithless deliberately reinterprets a drawn-from-life Ingmar Bergman script to take the sympathy from the woman he loved. Geoffrey Macnab discovers why she'd rather be a decent human being than a great artist.


What happens in a film like Flawless when the chemistry between great actors works? Acting usually gets short shrift from critics but here José Arroyo looks at the roles of the star (Robert De Niro) and the supporting player (Philip Seymour Hoffman).

Satellites Of Love

In Journey to Italy Roberto Rossellini placed bewildered Hollywood actors George Sanders and Ingrid Bergman in a minimally drawn story, creating the first modern film. But for Laura Mulvey, Versuvius is its real star.

Feeling Needled

Danny Leigh claims Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream is a memorable portrait of addiction from a truly cinematic talent. Edward Lawrenson thinks it's overwrought heroin chic.

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Suzhou River

Suzhou River's doubles and drifters create a watery take on Vertigo. By Lizzie Francke.

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