Coyote Ugly

USA 2000

Reviewed by Mark Olsen


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Leaving behind the security of life at home with her widowed father in suburban New Jersey, Violet Sanford moves to Manhattan to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter. Mistaking him for a music booker, she gives grill cook Kevin a tape of her songs; the two soon begin dating.

After her apartment is robbed, Violet nears the end of her tether, emotionally and financially. She learns that there might be a job opening in a bar called Coyote Ugly. Dropping by, Violet is offered a position by the owner Lil. When she returns at night, Coyote Ugly is swarming. The bartenders get up to dance on the bar but Violet refuses to join in; Lil sends her home. Seeing Violet break up a fight on her way out, Lil gives her a second chance.

Soon Violet gets used to the demands of her new job. She continues to attempt to realise her song-writing ambitions although she is plagued by stage fright when she has to sing for people. When her father drops in at the bar on a rowdy night, they have a falling out. Soon after she loses Kevin and her job. Later, Violet finally overcomes her stage fright, wins a song-writing competition and reconciles with her dad and Kevin. In the end, Violet and country-music star LeAnn Rimes perform their hit song in Coyote Ugly.


Pity the young director who works for producer Jerry Bruckheimer. The man behind such films as Con Air, Enemy of the State and Gone in Sixty Seconds, Bruckheimer creates movies with such a distinctive style one imagines it must be difficult for a director to exert creative influence. Typically, the producer plucks his directors from the world of commercials and music videos, and his films tend to show the kind of quick-cutting, high-sheen aesthetic characteristic of television advertising and MTV.

In Coyote Ugly it is at once startling and no surprise at all that Bruckheimer and debut director David McNally tell the relatively small story of young Violet Sanford moving to the big city to pursue a career as a songwriter in a high-impact manner. Essentially treating the story like an action picture, they map the big-fisted, hyperbolic dynamics of the action set-piece on to Coyote Ugly's bar-room sequences (where the glamorous bartenders dance for their spirited customers). Instead of blowing up cars or buildings, Bruckheimer and McNally create a film in which the girls themselves are oversized, larger than life - and it's their over-the-top antics which sustain the film rather than the scant character and plot development.

It's hard then to see Coyote Ugly as a back-to-basics exercise for Bruckheimer, although the film ostensibly revisits the smaller scale of such works as Flashdance (which he made with fellow producer Don Simpson in 1983). The characterisation is kept at an elemental level so as to keep the story moving, and in an effort to prove it has a healthy attitude towards the modest degeneracy it features, the screenplay (by Gina Wendkos, based on a magazine article by Elizabeth Gilbert) repeatedly falls back on the so-called empowerment of contemporary shake-that-thing feminism to the point of a certain guarded defensiveness in a number of the dialogue exchanges. Throughout, Coyote Ugly tries hard to maintain its appeal to both male and female audiences, just as it strives to veer between winsomely light-hearted and inspiringly dramatic tones.

Relative newcomer Piper Perabo in the central role of Violet exudes a certain charm but is ultimately sunk by the schematic nature of her character's rise. Her fellow bartenders (Izabella Miko, Bridget Moynahan and Tyra Banks) are ridiculously underdeveloped, with only Maria Bello's tough/tender bar owner making any sort of lasting impression. John Goodman tries hard in the role of Violet's overprotective father, but he can't overcome the material at hand. Stalwart character actors such as Victor Argo and Bud Cort are similarly underused in small roles, though Bruckheimer collaborator Michael Bay (director of Armageddon and the upcoming Pearl Harbor) pops up amusingly as a newspaper photographer.

More laughably misguided than outright offensive, Coyote Ugly ultimately has such an odd good-naturedness about it that it is difficult to take it seriously, let alone grow angry at it. Some sort of achievement in the ongoing oeuvre of Jerry Bruckheimer, Coyote Ugly is distastefully irresistible, a product that delivers more or less what it promises.


David McNally
Jerry Bruckheimer
Chad Oman
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Director of Photography
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