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Reviewed by Leslie Felperin


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

An earthly land mass, the late Cretaceous period. Aladar, an iguanodon, is separated from his family and raised by kindly lemurs. One evening, a meteorite shower wipes out their island habitat and kills most of the tribe, but Aladar escapes to the safety of the mainland with his adopted lemur family. While wandering in the desert, Aladar and friends join up with a mixed herd of dinosaurs migrating to a new nesting ground. The leader of the herd, iguanodon Kron, enforces a brutal timetable for the march and has little sympathy for the weaker dinosaurs such as Eema, a styrachosaur, and Baylene, a brachiosaur. Ferocious carnotaurs and velociraptors plague the herd, picking off the weak.

Kron's sister Neera finds herself attracted to Aladar and his gentler, co-operative strategies for survival. At a desiccated lake bed, Aladar helps save the herd by encouraging Baylene to stamp up water to the surface. This, and Aladar's altruistic salvation of Kron's lieutenant Bruton from a carnosaur attack, threatens Kron's leadership. Near the nesting ground, Aladar and his friends are separated from the other dinosaurs. They find a short cut to the nesting ground through a tunnel, but when they go to find the others to help them through, tensions escalate between Aladar and Kron. A fight ensues from which Aladar emerges victorious. The herd makes it to the nesting ground and Aladar and Neera look set to mate while the herd settles under his leadership.


Even before such hugely successful pop-science entertainments as Jurassic Park and the BBC documentary series Walking with Dinosaurs, it was a truism in children's publishing and programme-making that you could never go wrong with dinosaurs. These long-extinct creatures have fascinated the imaginations of Homo sapiens, particularly the young of the species, ever since the discovery of the first 'dragon' skeletons in the early 17th century. This makes it all the more surprising that the Disney company, usually so canny about tapping into children's desires, have been so slow to cash in on prehistoric subject matter. There were dinosaurs in Fantasia's 'Rite of Spring' section, but in very little else. Rivals Universal made a fair stab at the subject with their 1988 film The Land before Time (produced by Steven Spielberg), but this film wasn't as successful an animated feature as it deserved to be.

Whether planned or not, Disney's tardiness in producing an all-dinosaur movie has reaped them the benefits of computer technology. The CGI that directors Ralph Zondag and Eric Leighton used for Dinosaur is undoubtedly magnificent, capable of rendering exquisitely detailed skin textures and impeccably realistic backgrounds, garnered by extensive 'research' trips abroad (at a cost of around $200 million, this is one of the five most expensive films ever made). Sadly, there is little sign of the benefits of evolution in the storytelling itself, which sticks too closely to a narrative template seemingly dating back to the Mesolithic era. Here, an orphaned creature (Bambi, 1942, Dumbo, 1941, et al) ends up saving his adoptive family (Tarzan, 1999) through disingenuous goodness and a luckily placed cliff ledge (cf. Snow White, 1937, and others).

Those interested in modern theories of evolution will be intrigued, however, by the way the film revives amateur scientist and anarchist Prince Peter Kropotkin's once discredited but now fashionable theories about the utility of altruism in the development of the species, as propounded in his 1902 book Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution. Protagonist iguanodon Aladar (even his name has an altruistic echo) is put in conflict with the fiercely Darwinian herd leader Kron, who preaches that only the strong will survive. Kron's defeat could be read as either a triumph of Kropotkinism, or perhaps as Disney's attempt to play to the Middle-American creationist lobby, a constituency the company has recently alienated with its recognition of the rights of gay employees and other liberal temperings in its corporate policies. Nonetheless, this doesn't help the film-makers escape the melancholy historical irony known to every schoolchild over the age of eight: regardless of whatever evolutionary strategy the dinosaurs here 'adopt', they, somewhat like the Native Americans who triumph at the end of Pocahontas, still face a bleak future.


Ralph Zondag
Eric Leighton
Pam Marsden
John Harrison
Robert Nelson Jacobs
Based on an original screenplay by
Walon Green
H. Lee Peterson
Production Designer
Walter P. Martishius
James Newton Howard
©Disney Enterprises, Inc.
Production Company
Walt Disney Pictures presents
Baker Bloodworth
Production Supervisors
1st Unit:
Andrew Fenady
Ellen Raphael
Robert O'Haver
Exotic Unit:
Nancy McCarty
Stage Unit:
Diana De Vries
Production Controller
James Burton
Production Office Co-ordinators
1st Unit Senior:
Christopher A. Debiec
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Bonnie Foley
Lisa Beth Greenspan
Stage Unit:
Ruth Irvin-Hauer
Regina Thompson-Williamson
Production Co-ordinator
Exotic Unit:
Mark G. Soper
Production Managers
Tamara Boutcher
Carolyn Soper
Director of Production
Dana Axelrod
Location Managers
1st Unit Supervising:
Dow Griffith
1st Unit Additional:
Robert M. Berkus
Bérénice Le Maitre
Sue Bea Montgomery
Marisa Johnston
Heatherjane Smith
Michael Kenji Tomizawa
Assistant Directors
1st Unit:
Tom E. Milo
Donald W. Poquette
Cara Lee McCastlain
Kaylee Michelle Brown
Jennifer Booth
Stage Unit:
Samuel J. Hill
Ruth Lambert
Mary Hidalgo
ADR Voice:
Barbara Harris
Thom Enriquez
John Harrison
Robert Nelson Jacobs
Ralph Zondag
Director of Story
Thom Enriquez
Story Artists
Darryl Kidder
Roy Meurin
Frank Nissen
Ray Shenusay
Dick Zondag
Additional Story:
Julius Aguimatang
Kurt Anderson
Jim Capobianco
Ricardo Delgado
Robert Gibbs
Francis Glebas
Ben Gluck
Kirk Hanson
Doug Henderson
Fred Lucky
Floyd Norman
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Shirley Pierce
Rhett Reese
Directors of Photography
1st Unit:
Steven Douglas Smith
Dave Hardberger
Exotic Unit:
Timothy Housel
Stage Unit:
Kenneth H. Wiatrak
Dino Cam
1st Unit Engineer/Operator:
Dwayne McClintock
1st Unit Engineer:
Steven T. Kosakura
1st Unit Consultant:
Earl Wiggins
Visual Effects Supervisors
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Model Development Supervisor
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Set Decorator
1st Unit:
Jeffery Gann McManus
Main Title
The Picture Mill
Josie Aiello
Alexandra Brown
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Brad Dechter
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Lebo M.
Executive Music Producer
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Tom MacDougall
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Bruce Bell
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Original Dialogue Mixer
Doc Kane
Dubbing Recordist
Judy Nord
Supervising Sound Editor
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Ethan Van Der Ryn
Scott Guitteau
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Voice Cast
D.B. Sweeney
Alfre Woodard
Ossie Davis
Max Casella
Hayden Panettiere
Samuel E. Wright
Julianna Margulies
Peter Siragusa
Joan Plowright
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Evan Sabara
Aaron Spann
Melanie Spore
Andrea Taylor
John Walcutt
Camille Winbush
Billy West
additional voices
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