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Reviewed by John Wrathall


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Middle America, the present. In Las Vegas for the funeral of a former lover, Ricky Dean, who makes a living by hustling for cash at karaoke competitions, meets his long-lost daughter Liv who decides to follow him on the road. Cab-driver Billy Hannon discovers his girlfriend is cheating on him. Drunk in a bar, he is picked up by singer Suzi Loomis who persuades him to drive her to California for a karaoke contest. Todd Woods, a real-estate executive in the grip of a mid-life crisis, walks out on his wife and wanders into a bar where he discovers the liberating power of karaoke singing. Hitting the road, he gives a lift to ex-con Reggie Kane, who's on the run after sticking up (and apparently killing) a truck driver. In a bar, Todd introduces Reggie to karaoke. Finding Reggie's gun, Todd uses it to stick up a service station. Reggie tries to stop him. In the ensuing shootout the garage attendant is killed.

The three couples converge on a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska, for a karaoke competition. In the foyer, Billy meets Liv; they instantly fall for each other. Meanwhile the police are closing in on Reggie, who decides to take the blame for the shooting at the service station. While Reggie is on stage, police enter the auditorium. Reggie pulls out a gun and is shot dead.

Todd is reunited with his wife, who has been summoned to Omaha by Reggie. Billy and Suzi offer Ricky and Liv a lift to another karaoke competition in Nevada.


The idea of Gwyneth Paltrow and Huey Lewis duetting with Smokey Robinson's 'Cruisin'' might not seem like an immediate selling point for a movie. But Duets, set in the karaoke bars of the Midwest, actually works best in its musical moments: like the best musicals, it makes us care about the characters' state of mind whenever they open their mouths to sing. It's when they put the mikes down that Duets runs into problems.

Screenwriter John Byrum introduces his characters effectively in a series of wry vignettes. Todd, the travelling salesman on the verge of a breakdown, stumbles into a meeting room and is half way through his sales pitch before realising he's in the wrong hotel in the wrong town in the wrong state. Cab-driver Billy is summoned to drive a fare home from the police cells, only to discover it's his old teacher. Washed-up hustler Ricky, in Las Vegas to pay his last respects to his dead ex, gets chatting to a spaced-out showgirl at the funeral parlour before realising she's his long-lost daughter Liv. Thereafter the film settles down into a loose road-movie format, tracking its three mismatched duos from bar to bar across the Midwest. (Writer-director of the 1979 Jack Kerouac/Neal Cassady biopic Heart Beat, Byrum clearly knows his genre.)

Unfortunately, as with so many of the current crop of multi-strand movies (including the top-of-the-range Magnolia), you can't help wishing the writer had concentrated on the most interesting story of the bunch - in this case Todd's odd-couple friendship with fugitive hitchhiker Reggie. While the Todd/
Reggie strand provides the film's dramatic and comic highlights, it also seems underdeveloped. A fugitive killer who decides to play guardian angel to a complete stranger (and turns out to sing like a dream), Reggie is a barely credible creation, despite André Braugher's charismatic performance. As if aware of the flaws here, director Bruce Paltrow cuts away at the two crucial moments when Reggie is about to shoot someone - presumably it's easier for the audience to love a killer if we don't actually see him killing. A bolder film-maker would have shown the murders full on and found a way to embrace the contradiction in Reggie's character.

Paltrow is an experienced television director, best known for his work on hospital soap St. Elsewhere; Duets, however, is his first feature film in 18 years, following his long-forgotten debut A Little Sex. One can only assume that his daughter Gwyneth's willingness to appear in a comparatively minor role helped get the project greenlit. Paltrow senior succeeds in extracting solid performances (and decent singing) from an interesting cast, not least Huey Lewis, who brings a craggy, worldly authority to Ricky, and the pop-eyed Paul Giamatti as Todd, finally getting a juicy lead after a string of nerdy supporting roles. But a younger, hipper director might have given this the edge it sorely lacks.


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Bruce Paltrow
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John Byrum
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