For Love of the Game

USA 1999

Reviewed by Andy Richards


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Detroit, the present. Billy Chapel is the star pitcher for the Detroit Tigers. The night before he's due to pitch the last game of the season (against the Yankees), Mr Wheeler, the owner of the Tigers, tells Billy that he's selling the team. Wheeler has an option of trading Billy to the Giants, but suggests that he might want to retire. Billy's girlfriend Jane tells him that she is leaving him for a job in London.

Next day, waiting his turn to pitch, Billy reminisces about his five-year relationship with Jane. They first met when he helped her with her broken-down car, and began dating soon after. She overcame her fears that she was perceived as a team groupie. When she came to visit him in Florida, Jane found him sleeping with his masseuse. Later, she asked him to help recover her runaway teenage daughter Heather. They spent more time together. Billy injured his hand, and took his anger out on Jane. Jane began dating her editor.

When pitching on the mound, Billy is ruthlessly focused. Jane, meanwhile, is bombarded with match coverage while waiting for her flight. Billy goes on to pitch a perfect game, before telling Wheeler that he is retiring. Billy goes to the airport, intending to fly to England, but Jane is still there waiting for him.


Baseball films have always been a favourite locus for explorations of American masculinity and they usually treat the game with quasi-mystical awe. The magic diamond is repeatedly envisioned in such films as The Natural and Field of Dreams (Kevin Costner's breakthrough film) as a place where fallen men can be redeemed, where fathers and sons can bond in a shared tradition and where the American Dream can find its purest expression. For Love of the Game, however, leaves you feeling that the genre has perhaps already touched all its bases. So much so that, in the film's final act, you realise that 40-year-old Billy Chapel's mission to pitch the legendary "perfect game" - an entire line of zeroes on the board - to pitch, in the words of the commentator, "against time, against age, against ending," can only end by embracing well-worn clichés.

For the Love of the Game's complacency is revealed most clearly through its central romance, where the decks are stacked entirely in Chapel's favour. As Billy waits for his turn at the mound, he reflects on his relationship with Jane through a series of crudely cued flashbacks (he fingers a scar on his hand, or smells the leather of his glove). But any feelings he may have about his habitually selfish treatment of Jane are rigorously excluded on the pitch. Billy might be pitching his last game for the Tigers in the full knowledge that the club's owner wants to trade him to the Giants; but even here there's nothing at stake in the idea he should compromise his baseball career to concentrate on his relationship with Jane. Now in his forties, his decision to give up the game stems as much from a desire to retire gracefully and enshrine himself as one of the golden greats, as from a willingness to devote himself more fully to Jane.

Jane meanwhile is constantly asked by Billy to accept him as a baseball player before anything else; her own career ambitions are given short shrift (particularly in a scene which contrasts the pretensions of the New York arts scene with Billy's easy-going naturalism). Their relationship is characterised by condescension on his part, and a nauseating deference on hers (she is shocked when he actually suggests spending time together with her and her teenage daughter).

Unsurprisingly, director Sam Raimi struggles to make much of such shallow material. Having made successful departures from the horror genre in which he made his name with the more mainstream films The Quick and the Dead and A Simple Plan, his involvement in this grating star vehicle is perhaps the most disappointing aspect of For the Love of the Game: the Evil Dead are, presumably, turning in their grave.


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