July 2000

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#Desire Is Violence

Like many of her much-admired but hard-to-see films, Claire Denis' new Beau Travail draws on her African childhood and her fascination with men at work and play, as she tells Chris Darke

#Ghost In The Machine

Once upon a time Tom Cruise was an inscrutable smile that hid a contradiction between star and role. Now he's even more slippery, argues Manohla Dargis

That Breathless Moment

The 1959 making of Godard's Breathless (now rereleased) was the archetypal mould-breaking moment of the French New Wave. It was also a great time to be in love with the cinema, recalls David Thomson

East Is Best: Cannes 2000

From the new Wong Kar-Wai to the new Lars von Trier, this year's Cannes offered quality and controversy in equal measure, as Nick James reports. Plus our annual round-up of the highlights

Bloody Arcades

To take Titus away from the theatre without losing the theatricality of early cinema, director Julie Taymor took her vision to Cinecittà. She talks to John Wrathall about Fellini and the theatre of the absurd

Czechs On The Rebound

The 60s heyday of Milos Forman and his peers is long gone, but is the recent success of Kolya and Buttoners a sign of a resurgence in Czech cinema, wonders Peter Hames

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: American Movie The Making of Northwestern

American Movie wants us to respect an aspiring film-maker's struggle to get his debut made but the more likely response is laughter, argues Charles Taylor.

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