The Road to El Dorado

USA 2000

Reviewed by Leslie Felperin


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

1519, Spain. Petty criminals Tulio and Miguel obtain a map leading to El Dorado, the fabled city of gold in the Americas. They accidentally stow away on a ship bound for Mexico, commanded by the conquistador Cortes. Through a series of misadventures they end up washing ashore on a boat with a horse named Altivo. Encountering some Native Americans from El Dorado who mistake them for gods, Tulio and Miguel are taken to the city and worshipped. They dissuade their hosts, led by Chief Tannabok, from offering a human sacrifice in their honour, angering high priest Tzekel-Kan. Tulio and Miguel demand gold instead, and plan to leave. Native girl Chel rumbles their deceit and insists on going with them.

Tulio falls in love with Chel, breaking an agreement he made with Miguel not to get romantically involved with any of the natives. Miguel is enraptured by the city's friendly occupants. Having deduced the Spanish opportunists are mortal when he sees Miguel bleeding from a cut, Tzekel-Kan summons a monster from the spirit world to attack Chel and Miguel. The Spaniards defeat this creature; banished from the city, Tzekel-Kan chances on Cortes and his men, and agrees to guide them to El Dorado. As Tulio and Chel leave the city on a ship filled with gold, the citizens attempt to seal up the access route to the outside world, thereby protecting their city from Cortes. Miguel - who planned on staying in El Dorado - joins Tulio and Chel on board and helps block the entrance to the city. They escape unharmed.


While all movies are engaged, consciously or not, in a dialogue with films from the past, some are more talkative than others. The latest animated feature from DreamWorks SKG, The Road to El Dorado, is positively garrulous, invoking the spirits of its ancestors with near superstitious fervour. For starters, the business of having the invaders mistaken for gods, then seduced by the land they came to exploit is a nod to The Man Who Would Be King, John Huston's 1975 adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's story, featuring Sean Connery and Michael Caine. El Dorado even steals the plot point of a bleeding forehead betraying the gods' mortality and a jump from a bridge which echoes Connery's swan dive in Huston's film.

More significantly, its title is a self-conscious wink in the direction of the Bob Hope-Bing Crosby Road to... franchise, in which the bantering duo found themselves in antic scrapes with quaint cultural stereotypes from central casting. Thus, The Road to El Dorado features two amiable rogues, Tulio and Miguel (voiced by Kevin Kline and Kenneth Branagh respectively), whose picaresque pursuit of riches takes them to exotic Latin America, a familiar Hope-Crosby haunt, especially during World War II when Hollywood was encouraged by the US government to forge stronger cultural links with the neighbouring continent. The film industry needs no such encouragement today when there's a vast international market to be tapped.

But the most important template for this movie is the monstrously successful films El Dorado's executive producer Jeffrey Katzenberg used to make at Disney such as The Lion King. Having performed flatly at the box office with their two earlier cartoon efforts, Antz and The Prince of Egypt, each of which deviated slightly from the Disney formula, DreamWorks played it by the rules this time: from the swooping ballads, penned by Tim Rice and Elton John (who collaborated on The Lion King), to the trippy montage sequence showing the leads' infatuation with their new-found kingdom. As with the films Katzenberg oversaw at Disney, The Road to El Dorado even features its share of cute animals, including a friendly horse and helpful armadillo. In truth, El Dorado is as good as most recent post-Katzenberg Disney films, and certainly with its stylised characterisation and bursts of witty dialogue a great deal better than the Mouse's turgid mega-budget epic Dinosaur. Unfortunately for DreamWorks, El Dorado flopped in the US. One can't help seeing a certain similarity between Katzenberg and the scheming high priest at the end of the film: frustrated in his efforts to wrest back the kingdom, he gnashes his teeth for losing paradise.


éric Bergeron
Don Paul
Bonne Radford
Brooke Breton
Terry Rossio
Ted Elliott
Supervising Editors
John Carnochan
Dan Molina
Production Designer
Christian Schellewald
Elton John
Tim Rice
Score Composers
Hans Zimmer
John Powell
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Executive Producer
Jeffrey Katzenberg
Co-executive Producer
Bill Damaschke
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Bruce Seifert
Andrew Birch
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"El Dorado", "The Trail We Blaze", "Without Question", "Friends Never Say Goodbye", "Someday out of the Blue (Theme from El Dorado)", "Without Question (End Title)"- Elton John; "It's Tough to Be a God"- Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Kline
Sound Design/Supervision
Greg King
Sound Designer/Editor
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Duncan Marjoribanks
Elijah Chiang
Cyrus Shaki-khan
Elton John
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89 minutes 45 seconds
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