Scream 3

USA 2000

Film still for Scream 3

Reviewed by Kim Newman


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Hollywood. Cotton Weary, a talk-show host once unjustly convicted of the murder of Maureen Prescott, is killed by someone masked like the murderers who have terrorised Maureen's daughter Sidney. Producer John Milton is working on Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro (the latest film in a series based on the murders that have revolved around Sidney), with music-video director Roman Bridger making his first feature, Dewey Riley working as a technical advisor and actresses Jennifer Jolie and Angelina Tyler cast as real-life figures Gale Weathers, a news reporter, and Sidney.

When actors Sarah Darling and Tom Prinze and a security expert are killed, Stab 3 is shut down. Gale digs further into the story and Sidney comes to help. It turns out that Maureen was once a starlet at the studio, leaving Hollywood after an orgy at one of Milton's parties. At Roman's birthday party, the killer strikes again, murdering Roman, supporting actor Tyson Fox, and Jennifer and Angelina. Sidney confronts the masked maniac, who turns out to be Roman (who faked his own death), her long-lost half-brother. Having prompted the original Woodsboro killings, he has been taking his rage out on the family he feels cheated out of. Sidney kills Roman.


In one of the wittiest moments in Scream 2, film nerd Randy, explaining the rules of sequels, wound up his argument with "and if you want your sequel to turn into a franchise, never ever ..." only to have his thought cut off before his wisdom could be delivered. Randy pops up again here via a video-diary entry. Explaining what happens when your sequel turns into a trilogy, Randy tells us to expect any character could be the killer and survivors from the earlier instalments will end up dead. Sadly, Scream 3 is not nearly ruthless enough to go through with this delicious warning/promise.

With original screenwriter Kevin Williamson now pursuing a directorial career, series director Wes Craven is here partnered by screenwriter Ehren Kruger (Arlington Road). There's a sense that Craven's emotional investment was in his significantly named 'personal' project Music of the Heart, completed last year, leaving this to come together by itself. Has Sidney Prescott been so abused in two Scream movies that she has herself become the new killer? Is her dead mother, whose murder kicked the whole thing off, coming back as a ghost to add a supernatural twist? Will Riley and Gale, fake-killed several times in the earlier entries, finally die for real, or get to be unmasked as the secret fiends behind it all? The disappointing revelation here is that a new character with far less dramatic weight than the killers in the first two films is guilty, and Sidney gets to gun him down for a pat wrap-up.

The Hollywood setting allows for a pleasant succession of in-references and gags. Jenny McCarthy has a great set-up-for-death speech as she complains about being a 35-year-old playing a 21-year-old who takes a shower before getting killed, and there's a neat cameo from Carrie Fisher as a studio functionary who claims not to have won the part of Princess Leia because she didn't sleep with George Lucas. The best thing in the film is the bickering between Cox Arquette's Gale and Parker Posey as the Method actress who thinks she's better at being Gale than Gale herself. With the exception of a chase through a soundstage, Craven rarely exploits the potential for suspense of his Hollywood setting. Mostly, his visual imagination seems stretched thin; the stalk-and-slash scenes are directed merely with anonymous competence. A warning to the avaricious: if Randy the movie geek has left another video testament, it might well cite Omen IV and Halloween IV through H20 as dire examples of what happens when your trilogy is complete but the producers go back to the well. If you want your trilogy to become a franchise, make something grander than Scream 3.


Wes Craven
Cathy Konrad
Kevin Williamson
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