USA 1997

Reviewed by Mark Sinker


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Joe Young, a Mormon actor just arrived in Hollywood, stumbles on a porno film shoot. Set upon by director Maxxx Orbison's security goons, he impresses Orbison with his martial-arts skills, inadvertently winning the part of Captain Orgazmo, a superhero armed with the Orgazmerator, a ray gun that causes orgasms, who rescues hapless women from unwanted sex with porno villains. Joe is scrupulously religious but needs the money for his forthcoming marriage - he makes Orbison promise that penetration will always be taken care of by a "stunt cock".

Joe meets science graduate Ben Chapleski, who plays his faithful sidekick Choda Boy on screen and has invented a real-life Orgazmerator. After filming, Joe, Ben and two porno starlets visit a karaoke bar whose owner is being coerced by mobsters to pay protection money. Dressed as Orgazmo and Choda Boy, Joe and Ben assault the mobsters. Captain Orgazmo becomes the most successful film of all time and a sequel is required. Joe's fiancée Lisa comes to Hollywood, and discovers the nature of Joe's work. He promises to give it all up, but the mobsters (headed by Orbison) kidnap Lisa to force him to continue. Joe and Ben become Orgazmo and Choda Boy once again, rescuing Lisa and defeating Orbison.


As a light-hearted spoof on the video-porn industry, martial-arts movies and superhero culture, Orgazmo is patchy, clumsy and almost unwatchable. Laughs are few and feebly silly at best; as satire, its bite is as non-existent as the acting. When the movie was awarded an adults-only NC-17 rating in the US, its makers orchestrated a fan-driven shout of internet complaint; they knew it to be bland enough for kids to view, the most explicit content being the rubbery dildos making up Choda Boy's uniform. Orgazmo has languished for a year or so, its marketability emerging only in the wake of first-time director Trey Parker's subsequent hit, the cult animated series South Park. The only interest to be derived here is archaeological. How could Parker have moved so swiftly from big-screen uselessness to wicked cartoon greatness (in a new Golden Age of small-screen animation, no less)? Are there any clues to future talent to be found here?

Not many. South Park's unmistakable fridge-magnet-alphabet colour scheme has its precursor in Maxxx Orbison's vivid set-dressing (but Gregg Araki's Nowhere takes a similar stylistic device into genuinely subversive delirium). In keeping with its theme - world-historical mayhem unleashed in Midwestern television-obsessed nowhere - South Park makes smart use of guest-star voices: Isaac Hayes as Chef, George Clooney barking as Sparky the gay dog, "the chick from Species" (Natasha Henstridge) as the substitute teacher bundled into a rocket by terrorists and shot into the centre of the sun. By comparison, Orgazmo's wooden, in-joke cameos from the barely known porn stars Ron Jeremy and Chasey Lain merely prove that whatever quasi-stellar body magic these names are supposed to carry dissolves with Parker directing them. And how is merely employing the people bearing these names clever or funny, on its own?

That said, there is one moment of grim daring in Orgazmo, which if it doesn't touch the many outrageous coups in South Park, at least touches something. It features that minor staple of the fetish-porn industry, an overweight woman engaged in sex. The character is called T-Rex (ho ho); the credits list the actress as "The Fat Lady Stripper", her over-dubbed voice a primitive version of Cartman's whine in South Park; the sex, as Orgazmo shows it, is jumping up and down on a bed. But it half-deliberately connects with a reality of freak-show exploitation and its semi-taboo presence in the continuum of human desire, and the sadness and cruelty involved in such exploitation, including when it's being mocked, as here. The intended comedy comes in the cutaways, to Joe's pop-eyed look of terror. If most aspects of the movie so far have been extremely shaky, Joe himself is a reasonably effective Mormon hero as likable stupe. In such an excessive, deliberately ugly scene, his one-note hick innocence is now revealed as manipulation - this is a hero played by the film's director, after all - and viewers are briefly flipped into unexpectedly edgy, uncontrolled territory, with no guide as to appropriate response. If it's laughter, who exactly would we be laughing at?

The central characters in South Park's otherwise adult shenanigans are innocents also, appalled eight-year-olds in a fallen world. But where in the cartoon this device enables a barrage of breathtaking taboo-busting, Orgazmo wastes its moment, and flops smugly back into nudge-and-wink nothingness. Save your money doing nothing or have a night in with Kenny.


Fran Rubel Kuzui
Jason McHugh
Matt Stone
Trey Parker
Director of Photography
Kenny Gioseffi
Trey Parker
Michael R. Miller
Production Designer
Tristan Paris Bourne
Music/ Music Producer/Recorder
Paul Robb
Production Companies
Kuzui Enterprises and MDP Worldwide present an Avenging Conscience production
Executive Producers
Mark Damon
Kaz Kuzui
Noriaki Nakagawa
Co-Executive Producer
Jacobus Rose
Associate Producers
Farrell Timlake
Anthony Mindel
Kuzui Production Executive
Laurie Fisher
Production Co-ordinator
Carrie La
Unit Production Manager
Jim Lotfi
Location Manager
Kai Ephron
Executive in Charge of Post-production, MDP
Mark L. Mitchell
Post-production Supervisor
Aryana Farshad
2nd Unit Director
Philip Tan
Assistant Director
Keith L. Shaw
Joseph Moore
Leslie L. Spann
Script Supervisor
Angi Glenn
Katy Wallin
T. Edwin Klohn
Katy & Company
Special Effects
Gregory Landerer
Lee McConnell
Associate Editor
Carter Dehaven IV
Set Decorator
Mandana Yamin
Costume Designer
Kristen Anacker
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Kristen Held
Gyongyi Wilkins
Karen Sherer
Prosthetic Mask
Kevin Brennan
Main Titles Artist
Chris Stiles
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Derek Gonzalez
Cinema Research Corporation
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Christopher Violette
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John King
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Mitchell Frank
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Ross Levinson
Johnny Caruso
"Disintegrator" by Ronald Keys Jr, performed by DJ Swamp; "More" by Ken Jordan, Scott Kirkland, performed by The Crystal Method; "Try Your Luck, Time" by Michael Simpson, John King, performed by The Dust Brothers featuring MDC; "Work the Angles" by Rakaa Taylor, Michael Perretta, K. Matlin, S. Gordy, performed by Dilated Peoples; "C.R.E.A.M." by Clifford Smith, Corey Woods, Dennis Coles, Gary Grice, Jason Hunter, Lamont Hawkins, Robert Diggs, Russell Jones, Isaac Hayes, David Porter, performed by The Wu-Tang Clan; "A Sign from God" by Robert Smith, Reeves Gabrels, performed by Cogasm; "Sorry About Your Penis" by Steven Scott Harwell, Gregory D. Camp, Paul Gerald Delisle, Kevin John Iannello, performed by Smashmouth; "Twisted Steel/Leather Donut" by Taylor Stacy, Ryan Kirk, Chris Fudurich, Bobby Hecksher, Sean Furlong, performed by Head Set; "Mi verga" by Trey Parker, Matt Stone, performed by Mariachi Los Zapiros; "Love" by/performed by Ween; "Now You're a Man" by Trey Parker, performed by DVDA; "Funk Pig" by Michael Simpson, John King, performed by The Dust Brothers; "Hamster Style" performed by The Dust Brothers; "A Knife and a Fork", "Hack 2" by Paul Robb, performed by Think Tank; "Gonna Kick Yer Ass" by/performed by DVDA; "Red Glass (Akai Glass)" by Makino Shoichi, Kadoi Hachiro, performed by Masao 'Maki' San, Ai George, Shima Chinami; "Oh My Darling Clementine" by Henrik Nielsen
Sound Design
Frank Serafine
Executive Audio Supervisor
Jeff Wannberg
Executive Co-ordinator
Timothy Bindel
Re-mix Audio Supervision
John A. Levy
Stage Recordist
Nick Marshall
Production Sound Mixer
Jon Ailetcher
Re-recording Mixers
Bill Jackson
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Denise Brady
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Thomas Caufield
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Thomas Caufield
Frank Nolan
John Post
Thomas Caufield
Stunt Co-ordinator
Philip Tan
Fight Choreographer
Troy McCaskell
Animal Handler
Brian McMillan
Trey Parker
Elder Joe Young
Dian Bachar
Ben Chapleski, 'Choda Boy'
Robyn Lynne
Lisa, Joe's fiancée
Michael Dean Jacobs
Maxxx Orbison
Ron Jeremy
Clark, 'Jizzmaster Zero'
Andrew W. Kemler
David Dunn
A-Cup, 'Neutered Man'
Matt Stone
Dave the lighting guy
Toddy Walters
Chasey Lain
Juli Ashton
Masao 'Maki' San
G-Fresh, sushi bar owner
Joseph Arsenault
Jimmy the Fish
Jeff Schubert
Tommy the Shark
Desi Singh
Randy the Guppy
Stan Sawicki
Robert White
Jacobus Rose
Susan Timlake
Louise Rapport
old lady
Ken Merckx
Suzinski, original Orgazmo
Kristen Anacker
Buff Grey
Bilbo, security guard
Cathy Fitzpatrick
older porn actress
Marcus Vaughn
white stunt cock
Joseph Moore
Ted, black stunt cock
Anna Kazuki
Nasuko, 'Ass-Fuck Twin'
Haruko, 'Ass-Fuck Twin'
Jeffrey Bowman
porn actor
The Fat Lady Stripper
Shalya Laveaux
Greek porno actress
John Marlo
Farrell Timlake
Tony Mindel
Jason McHugh
porno film crew
Jerald A. Greenfield
Ron Hall
2nd film crew
Ben's father
Robert Lansing
young Ben
T. Edwin Klohn
video clerk
Stanley L. Kaufman
Jill Kelly
James Pierre Comete
young boy
Erin Alain
Liane Adamo
orgazmo women
Liane Adamo
orgazmo old lady
Horrac Vandegelden
Eric Stough
Miyu Natsuki
Mao Yamada
G-Fresh's daughters
Stephen Monas
Max Hardcore
Kristy Lake
Jeanna Fine
Davia Ardell
Jacklyn Lick
Ruby Diamond
Melissa Hill
Melissa Monet
Peter Romero
Warren Northwood
Boraca The Brazilian Bombshell
First Independent Films Ltd
8,498 feet
94 minutes 25 seconds
Dolby SR
Colour by
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