April 1999

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#Game Boy

eXistenZ, David Cronenberg's darkly funny take on a virtual-reality future, erases Blade Runner and heads for the countryside. Interview by Chris Rodley. Plus Kim Newman's short history of VR in literature and cinema.

#The Innovators 1910-1920: Detailing The Impossible

Louis Feuillade, director of Fantômas and Les Vampires, is cinema's once-despised master of the crime serial - thought an "unhealthy genre" at the time. But his real achievement is in questioning screen identity, argues Vicki Callahan

Tearing The Roof Off

My Name Is Joe star Peter Mullan puts on the director's hat for Orphans, his imaginative new feature about grief driving a family to the edge. He talks to Liese Spencer about Scots surrealism. Plus Duncan Petrie looks at current film-making in Scotland

God's Lonely Man

Perhaps the most influential US film of the 70s, Martin Scorsese's Taxi Driver mixes bloody horror and tabloid news, and is the only movie to inspire a presidential assassination attempt. Amy Taubin describes the political and cultural impulses behind the film's gestation

A Child's Demon

David Thomson savours the unique The Night of the Hunter, a lyrical, Southern-gothic, kids-on-the-run movie that was British actor Charles Laughton's only shot at directing

Ain't No Metaphor

Low-budget Sundance Film Festival-winner Slam throws live poetry at the US justice system's treatment of black males. Leslie Felperin talks to director Marc Levin and producer Henri M. Kessler

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Gods and Monsters

Gods and Monsters, a funny, darkening portrait of James Whale, the director of Frankenstein, brings this neglected auteur back to life. By Kevin Jackson

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