May 1999

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#The Innovators 1920-1930: Now You Has Jazz

Probably the the man most responsible for bringing sound to the cinema, Sam Warner died just days after his long-nurtured project The Jazz Singer premiered. Laura Mulvey salutes the least-known Warner brother

#Wilful Amateur

Leaving Las Vegas' director Mike Figgis is so keen to keep making films without Hollywood interference, he's willing to work for almost nothing to film Strindberg's Miss Julie. Geoffrey Macnab talks to the director on set

Make It Yellow

Eternity and a Day won the Palme d'or for director Theo Angelopoulus at Cannes. Jonathan Romney talks to him about his career, and nearly getting hit by Harvey Keitel

Bigger Than Life

Kathryn Bigelow's genre-bending films - Strange Days, Point Break, Near Dark - don't fit the boxes critics build for her. She makes action films about intimacy as well as thrills. Yvonne Tasker on a remakrable career

Farewell To Napoli

When a movie star like Julia Roberts meets a guy who looks like Hugh Grant and talks like screenwriter Richard Curtis, British box office booms and property prices skyrocket. But who are the real successes and failures of Notting Hill, asks Nick James

Books Special

If you watch movies or television, more and more academics want to know about you. Roger Silverstone looks at three new audience-research studies. Plus our quarterly round-up of the latest books

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Idiots

Lars von Trier's self-consciously amateur experiment The Idiots has spasms of genius, but its playful, inner-child message and too-tidy ending trouble Xan Books

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