March 2000

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#Queer And Present Danger

What's happened to Queer Cinema since Poison, Swoon, Edward II, The Living End and others made it 'New' in '92? B. Ruby Rich wonders if its success, hipness, imitation and appropriation by the mainstream have left anything to chew on

#Singing In The Rain

With 11 main characters, nine storylines and Tom Cruise's best performance yet, Magnolia is even more spectacularly ambitious than director P. T. Anderson's last film Boogie Nights. Mark Olsen thinks it's a marvellous mess

No Smoking Gun

Michael Mann's The Insider turns a true story of one man's fight to expose the lethal policies of the tobacco industry into an intense conspiracy thriller. Nick James ponders its thematic links with Heat, Manhunter and the rest

Boy Wonder

When Teena Brandon became Brandon Teena and started picking up girls in Midwestern bars, s/he was raped and then murdered. Director Kimberly Peirce talks to Danny Leigh about casting for cocksure tragedy in Boys Don't Cry

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Topsy-Turvy

He may have traded cardigans and scowls for crinolines and arias, but Topsy-Turvy is still very much a Mike Leigh film

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