Knock Off

USA/Hong Kong 1998

Reviewed by Jamie Graham


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Hong Kong, 1997. Marcus Ray and Tommy Hendricks deal in 'knock offs', inferior imitation goods. Their scam is exposed when sales executive Karen Leigh arrives from the US. But Karen is really after Eddie Wang, a Chinese gangster who is Marcus' adopted brother. She insists Marcus and Tommy raid Eddie's factory that night. Before the operation, Marcus discovers Tommy is an undercover CIA agent working for a division headed by Johansson - the CIA plans to oversee the raid. But the factory is bombed before Marcus and Tommy can enter. Marcus finds a remote-controlled nanobomb hidden in a knock-off trainer. Dismayed at the treachery, Marcus agrees to get Eddie to testify to the CIA.

Wang pleads he only provided a group of Russians with the knock-off goods. Another bomb detonates, killing Wang. Marcus and Tommy discover Karen is also a CIA operative, looking for a mole in Johansson's team. Learning there will be a shipment of nanobombs that night, both CIA divisions, Marcus and Tommy sneak aboard. During a shoot-out Johansson is revealed as the mole. The ship blows up but the protagonists escape, Marcus and Tommy with Johansson's detonator which later accidentally sets off a nanobomb that kills Johansson.


Whatever you think of Jean-Claude Van Damme's acting skills, there is no denying his acumen when it comes to career-development choices. Graduating swiftly from his early, funnier films (Black Eagle) to martial-arts contest movies (Kickboxer), there was even a brief moment following Universal Soldier when stardom beckoned. But then he chose to anchor his place in the mainstream by turning to Hong Kong action flicks, a sub-genre which largely supplanted the Schwarzenegger-Stallone heroics of the 80s. Knock Off is the fourth movie in six years in which Van Damme has teamed up with cult eastern directors, and his second outing for Tsui Hark after Double Team. It is of interest only in that this is far more the director's picture than his own.

Tsui's imprimatur is apparent in both the convoluted plot (involving nanobombs and Russian gangsters) and the staging of the fight sequences. It has long been accepted that Van Damme's fans don't come to his films wanting the labyrinthine complexities of The Big Sleep, but they do expect plenty of roundhouse kicks, splits and at least one 'butt shot'. Knock Off has none of these, Tsui seemingly preferring to show off his own techniques rather than his star's. The fight sequences are often filmed in disorienting close-ups, while slow and fast motion, freeze frames and Evil Dead-style crash zooms whip up plenty of sound and fury to camouflage the central emptiness.

Tsui's fondness for style over substance even extends to his use of the Hong Kong handover as a backdrop. Despite frequent bulletins counting down the hours and intermittent shots of Al Gore, Chris Patten and the lowering of the British flag, the historic event is irrelevant, only adding to the overall cacophony. Even Wayne Wang's ill-advised Chinese Box made better use of the handover than this, which is particularly disappointing considering Tsui's track record of bolting politics on to pyrotechnics in the Once Upon a Time in China movies.


Nansun Shi
Steven E. De Souza
Director of Photography
Arthur Wong
[Wong Ngok-Tai]
Mak Chi-Sin]
Production Designers
James Leung
[Leung Dut-Sang]
Bill Lui
[Lui Chor-Hung]
Ron Mael
Russell Mael
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"Ten Girls" music/lyrics Samuel Hui [Hui Koon-Kit], arranged by Raymond Wong [Wong Ying-Wah]; "Crazy Mood" by Caroly Larsson, Gabe Lee, "Wind in New Orleans" by Gabe Lee, Gary Justice, produced by Stephen Traub; "Dandy" by Varouje, Craig Titus
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