The Mummy

USA 1999

Reviewed by Kim Newman


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Egypt, 1290 BC. The high priest Imhotep conspires with royal mistress Anck-su-Namun to murder Pharaoh Seti. Anck-su-Namun kills herself to escape Pharaoh's guards, trusting Imhotep to raise her from the dead with sorcery. But Imhotep is buried alive in Hamunaptra, the City of the Dead.

In 1923, American Rick O'Connell discovers the now-lost Hamunaptra but he is driven off by tribesmen. Three years later, English wastrel Jonathan brings his librarian sister Evelyn an artefact from Hamunaptra he filched from O'Connell, who is imprisoned in Egypt awaiting execution. Evelyn persuades the warden to free O'Connell in exchange for a share of Hamunaptra's treasures. O'Connell's treacherous former comrade Beni guides a rival expedition to the lost city. Both sets of adventurers are attacked by warriors under the command of Ardeth Bay.

At Hamunaptra, Beni's associates open a casket thus invoking a curse, while Evelyn reads aloud from a book which revives the beetle-eaten, mummified Imhotep. Using supernatural powers, Imhotep pursues the adventurers to Cairo, overcoming his skeletal state by killing and absorbing assorted adventurers. Imhotep makes Beni his servant and captures Evelyn, intending to sacrifice her to revive Anck-su-Namun. O'Connell and Jonathan join forces with Bay, whose people have been guarding against Imhotep's return for millennia. At Hamunaptra, Jonathan reads from a book of counter-spells and the sacrifice is interrupted. Imhotep is destroyed and Beni trapped inside the sinking city. O'Connell and Evelyn pledge their love.


Made shortly after Universal Pictures had transformed Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (1931) into franchises, Karl Freund's The Mummy (1933) combined Frankenstein's star (Boris Karloff) with a rewrite of Dracula's plot, all dressed up with cursed Egyptologists and reincarnated lost loves informed by newspaper legends of 'the curse of Tutankhamun'. In The Mummy Karloff is briefly glimpsed as the bandaged relic Imhotep but he spends most of his time as a parchment-faced sorcerer named Ardeth Bey. The Mummy's Hand (1940), and three lookalike sequels, stirred footage from the original into the brew, but split the Karloff roles between the bandaged, stumbling killer Kharis (Tom Tyler, later Lon Chaney Jr) and a succession of be-fezed evil high priests. When Universal licensed remake rights to Hammer, Terence Fisher's The Mummy (1959) mixed together elements from all five Universal films. Hammer made unrelated but imitative follow-ups, and The Mummy's homages consist of such unofficial remakes as La momia azteca (1957), the porno film Mummy Dearest (1990) and The Mummy Lives (1993).

Universal has been developing a new Mummy for over a decade, with Clive Barker and John Sayles among others attempting scripts. This action-picture retread juggles all the elements, while copping bits of business from almost all previous bandagers. A prologue tongue-cutting is cribbed exactly from Fisher and a sequence with a short-sighted victim menaced by a blurry monster comes from the most despised of all mummy movies, Hammer's negligible The Mummy's Shroud (1966).

Director Stephen Sommers (Deep Rising) doesn't skimp on ingredients, but over-eggs the pudding. The high concept was to do The Mummy as a Raiders of the Lost Ark-style period adventure. So we have a grinning Brendan Fraser and a fetchingly distressed Rachel Weisz facing a non-stop series of perils: marauding tribesmen, creepy crawlies, living sandstorms, rivers of blood, brainwashed Cairo hordes, a cadre of zombie warriors who take us briefly into Ray Harryhausen territory, and a self-burying city lifted from Howard Hawks' Land of the Pharaohs (1955). A side effect of this business is that the plot darts all over North Africa rather casually (making Hamunaptra one of the more accessible lost cities), deploying vast disasters - the plagues of Egypt are tossed in with an amazing disregard for logic, history, and the discrete myth bodies of Egypt and the Israelites - that threaten the end of the world.

With all this going on, there's sadly little time for the atmosphere, mystery and romance that make the Freund movie such an enduring gem. Karloff's Imhotep is a tragic but frightening figure yearning for his lost love; but Arnold Vosloo's smirking sorcerer here is first seen in an ancient version of a Double Indemnity-style triangle, and spends his post-resurrection time striding about and ripping body parts off his victims while indulging in CGI mouth-opening and plague-unleashing stunts. Even Anck-su-Namun is a nasty piece of work, coming back to life for a one-on-one slugfest with Evelyn in the amazingly crowded finish.

The Mummy is a mostly entertaining series of theme-park rides, but sorely misses out on magic, with its cardboard villains, fundamentally unlikable heroes, and endless irritating comic bits. It also offers offensive Egyptian stereotypes - the locals are all smelly, venal, lecherous, cowardly, boil-ridden, murderous or ugly here - which were unacceptable in the dignified 1933 movie. At least it manages to be an equal-opportunitities offender by characterising all Brits as stuffy, pompous and bumbling and all Yanks as violent, avaricious and philistine.


James Jacks
Sean Daniel
Stephen Sommers
Screen Story
Stephen Sommers
Lloyd Fonvielle
Kevin Jarre
Director of Photography
Adrian Biddle
Bob Ducsay
Kelly Matsumoto
Production Designer
Allan Cameron
Jerry Goldsmith
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"'Al Nahla Al 'Ali (The Tall Palm Tree)" by Metqal Qenawi Metqal, Yunis Al Hilali, performed by The Musicians of the Nile; "'Al Bahr Al Gharam Wasah (Love Is As Vast As a River)" by Mohamed Murad, Yunis Al Hilali, performed by The Musicians of the Nile; "Revive La Ilusión" by German Pedro Ibañez, performed by Septeto Habañero
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