Deep Blue Sea

USA 1999

Reviewed by Jamie Graham


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

An underwater research centre off the coast of Mexico. Searching for a cure for Alzheimer's disease, a team of scientists, led by Dr Susan McAlester, attempt to reactivate degenerate human brain cells by injecting them into sharks' brains. As a result of their experiments, three mako sharks grow to 40 feet and demonstrate intelligent behaviour.

Russell Franklin, president of a pharmaceuticals company, arrives with a view to funding the research. An anaesthetised shark - injected with human cells - awakens and bites off scientist Jim Whitlock's arm. The helicopter transporting Whitlock to surgery crashes into the side of the research laboratory causing its computer system safeguarding the workers from the sharks to crash. The shark breaks the complex's viewing window; the centre floods and the three makos enter. The remaining scientists, accompanied by shark handler Carter Blake, cook 'Preacher' Dudley and Franklin's attempt to fight their way to the surface. Dudley kills one of the makos by igniting a gas cooker, while McAlester electrocutes another. Franklin and scientist Tom Scoggins are killed. McAlester, Blake and Dudley reach the surface. McAlester jumps back into the water to act as bait before the last shark can escape the compound. She is killed, but Blake and Dudley destroy the mako.


It is inevitable that any film featuring giant man-eating sharks will be compared to Jaws, but Renny Harlin's underwater thriller shares little with Spielberg's 1975 magnum opus. Jaws worked very much in the tradition of Val Lewton's masterly horror flicks of the 40s, wringing suspense from unseen terrors and, for the most part, keeping its monster off screen, barring the occasional dorsal fin. Deep Blue Sea, on the other hand, is a product of our CGI-dominated age and is eager to show off its digital wares. So we're treated to shot after shot of jerky, frequently risible sharks zipping across the frame or barrelling towards the camera. There's even one moment - designed, perhaps, to mimic the dual T-Rex attack in The Lost World: Jurassic Park - when two mako sharks converge on a hapless victim and tear him asunder as they exit from either end of the screen.

Deep Blue Sea has inherited more of its genes from the Jaws sequels than from the original. Set in and around an underwater research facility which is eventually breached by marauding sharks, its basic premise and set construction invite comparison to the Sea World aquarium of Jaws 3-D. And, just as the tag line to Jaws: the Revenge would have it, this time it's personal, with super-intelligent sharks breaking down steel doors and weeding out the nasty scientists who played God by experimenting on them.

However, Deep Blue Sea is ultimately more of a disaster movie teetering on 'B'-movie legs than a Jaws rip-off or bizarre slasher-film hybrid. To his credit, Harlin (Cliffhanger) recognises and embraces this. The characters spend much of the film ascending through the compound's submerged levels to surface safety, a single-minded quest that echoes that of the rag-tag ensemble who struggled through The Poseidon Adventure (1972). It is a strong concept which, when fleshed out by the shark element, should have made for gripping viewing. Instead, as the characters grapple with locked doors, their perilous undertakings often resembling an episode of the quiz show Crystal Maze, the result is a soggy effort. Thankfully, however, there are some surprises: the cast diminishes in a quite unexpected order, Stephen Windon's underwater photography is luminous and there's even the occasional inspired flourish, such as a spilt glass of red wine more disturbing than any of the graphic bloodletting.


Akiva Goldsman
Tony Ludwig
Alan Riche
Duncan Kennedy
Donna Powers
Wayne Powers
Director of Photography
Stephen Windon
Frank J. Urioste
Derek G. Brechin
Dallas S. Puett
Production Designers
William Sandell
Joseph Bennett
Trevor Rabin
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