November 1999

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#The Flashback Kid

With his new film The Limey, Steven Soderbergh builds on the success of last year's genre outing Out of Sight, but he's still happiest with one foot out of Hollywood. Interview by Sheila Johnston

#So Good It Hurts

Forget the fuss about bloodied Brad Pitt and "dangerous" violence, Fight Club is all about masculinity in trouble. Amy Taubin takes her best shot at the film, and talks to its director David Fincher

#The Innovators 1970-1980: Keeping a distance

Chantal Akerman's groundbreaking films from the 70s re-invented feminist cinema and raised questions which are still being asked today, argues Janet Bergstrom

Fine Cuts

Sight and Sound samples the highlights of this year's London Film Festival with previews of new films from Claire Denis, Hou Hsiao Hsien, Harmony Korine and Shane Meadows among others

Bring Back The Cat

Subtle, dreamlike and haunting, The Curse of the Cat People was producer Val Lewton's 1944 follow-up to his noir sex/beast fantasy Cat People. Kim Newman is spooked out by a bona fide horror classic which inspired Psycho and The Shining

Back In Passion

After a 13-year break, Oshima Nagisa is directing intense and erotic fiction again. Tony Rayns visits the set of his new film Gohatto and watches 'Beat' Takeshi chop up a cherry tree

Books Special

J.P.Telotte's new book looks at key sci-fi films from the 20s and 30s which fret about modern technology. It's just a pity he kept his scholarly blinkers on, argues Peter Conrad. Plus our quarterly round-up of the latest books

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: East Is East

East Is East could do for the culture-clash comedy what The Full Monty did for male stripping, claims Liese Spencer. But is its portrait of 70s Salford big enough for the big time?

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