Babe Pig in the City

USA/Australia 1998

Reviewed by Nick Roddick


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Having won the local sheep trials, Babe the pig returns to Hoggett Farm in triumph as his fame spreads around the world. Farmer Hoggett and his wife Esme turn down all invitations for Babe to make personal appearances, until an accident leaves Hoggett laid up in plaster. Esme is unable to cope and the bank threatens foreclosure. The Hoggetts then accept an invitation for Babe to open a state fair for a large appearance fee, and Esme and Babe set off for the city by air.

Babe strikes up a conversation with a drug-sniffing dog at the airport, resulting in Esme being detained and them missing their connecting flight. Stranded in the city, they end up in the Flealands Hotel - the only one which will take pigs. The Flealands is home to a wide selection of animals, many of whom work in Fugly Floom's circus. Excepting Babe's difficulty with a group of light-fingered monkeys, things go well enough until the little pig disrupts one of Fugly's shows, setting off a series of disasters which culminate in a raid on the Flealands by the city authorities, who impound all the animals.

Babe and several others escape and mount a successful rescue plan, after which Esme returns to the farm with rather more animals than she left with.


Although there can be no denying its extraordinary (and well deserved) success, the original Babe was never quite the out-of-nowhere film hailed by commentators at the time. Like Crocodile Dundee, it carefully calculated its appeal for the North American market; and, as with the Paul Hogan hit, international distribution was handled by a US major, ensuring that worldwide release would follow if it scored in the US. But, for all the calculations that went into its making, it did preserve a sweetness and a limited focus - with the exception of the prologue and the climactic sheep trials, it never left Hoggett Farm - which, in retrospect, account for much of its success. Babe Pig in the City, by contrast, goes for the big effect wherever possible and adds so many new talking animals that Babe himself (or herself, as one injudicious close-up reveals) begins to function rather like Spanky in The Little Rascals: as the leader of the gang but no longer the subject of the film.

It starts promisingly, with Babe's triumphant return from the sheepdog trials, even if the crowds do look a little thin. And the farcical series of events that leads to Farmer Hoggett's injury, perfectly timed and counterpointed by the deadpan narration, has all the élan of the earlier film, culminating in the sequel's best single moment, when the Singing Mice burst into a passionate rendition of 'Je ne regrette rien'. After that, however, it's all downhill.

True, production designer Roger Ford's 'global city' is a triumph: a surreal juxtaposition of a Gaudíesque neighbourhood vaguely modelled on Venice, California, a megalopolis that seems to be Sydney Harbour out of Fritz Lang, and the Manhattan skyline (with Rio's Sugar Loaf, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Hollywood sign thrown in for good measure). But, for all the pre-release talk of a "dark, Felliniesque vision" which was supposed to have scared Universal into cancelling preview screenings, what we get is not so much Fellini as John Landis, as each potentially comic set-up is laboriously worked through and gussied up with stunts.

Comedy, it seems, is not writer/director George Miller's forte. Some ideas, like the enormous cats' chorus lined up in one room of the Flealands, are simply wasted. Others, like the climax, in which Esme, Babe and assorted animal aides disrupt a charity dinner, seem not to know when to stop - particularly so with an extremely difficult stunt which has Esme bouncing across the room on some kind of elasticated harness. Frankly, the whole thing was done much better in Dunston Checks In, which had several of the same jokes, but the added bonus of seeing Faye Dunaway buried in a giant cream-cake.


George Miller
Doug Mitchell
Bill Miller
George Miller
Judy Morris
Mark Lamprell
Based on characters created by
Dick King-Smith
Director of Photography
Andrew Lesnie
Jay Friedkin
Margaret Sixel
Production Designer
Roger Ford
Music/Music Conductor/Orchestration
Nigel Westlake
©Universal City Studios Inc
Production Companies
Universal Pictures presents a Kennedy Miller film
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Joanne Maunsell
singing animals
Patrick Comerford
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Barnaby Harrison
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animatronic performers
Roscoe Lee Browne
United International Pictures (UK) Ltd
8,605 feet
95 minutes 37 seconds
Dolby digital/SDDS/Digital DTS sound
In Colour
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