February 1999

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#Bayonets In Paradise

Terrence Malick's return to cinema, The Thin Red Line, is a spectacular achievement - but its take on World War II provokes concern, argues Colin McCabe. Plus Geoffrey Macnab on author James Jones

#Banging Big With Iron Mike

James Toback, director of the notorious Fingers and this month's Two Girls and Guy, is not afraid of taking risks. He talks to David Thompson about working with Wu-Tang Clan, spending the night with Mike Tyson and making Robert Downey Jr squirm

The Big Tease

The Oscar-nominated Danish film The Celebration, the first Dogma movie to be released in the UK, uses shock tactics to tell a traditional tale of a family falling apart. Geoffrey Macnab interviews director Thomas Vinterberg

Dreaming The Unthinkable

Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful sets a comedy in a concentration amp. Does it tell a partial truth, or has the director gone too far, asks J. Hoberman

Books Special

Fassbinder set out to make films that courted controversy and commented on his times. Sheila Johnston reviews two very different takes on his work. Plus our quarterly round-up of the latest books

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: Psycho

Gus Van Sant's rerun of Hitckcock's, Psycho is more like a mild cover version than a full-blown remake. But it's all in the mix, argues Gavin Smith

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