End of Days

USA 1999

Reviewed by Mark Kermode


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

New York, 1979. Christine York is born and secretly anointed by a satanic cult. December 1999, renegade priest Thomas Aquinas' assassination attempt on a Wall Street banker is foiled by bodyguard Jericho Cane. Aquinas rants about the "end of days" before he dies, but when his body is discovered to lack a tongue, Cane suspects he's gone mad himself. However, he learns of a Vatican conspiracy to prevent the birth of the Antichrist. Cane and his partner Chicago trace the now-grown Christine York who is being pursued by both a priestly hit squad and by Cane's Wall Street client, who is possessed by Satan. The prince of darkness wishes to impregnate Christine with his child on the eve of the new millennium thereby bringing about the "end of days" foretold in the Book of Revelations.

Overcoming a horde of attackers, including Christine's nanny Mabel, Cane persuades Father Kovak and his band of priests not to kill Christine but to protect her in their church. Having failed to tempt Cane with the return of his deceased wife and child, Satan enters Kovak's church and attempts to deflower Christine while engaging in a violent battle with Cane. Satan is defeated finally by Cane, who sacrifices himself to save Christine. The world is saved.


"I've seen a lot," says Arnold Schwarzenegger in the middle of this abysmally lumpen cross between The Omen (1976) and Lethal Weapon, "but nothing that would make me cut out my tongue!" End of Days is dreadful enough to make most viewers consider gouging out their eyes in order to avoid seeing a second time the spectacle of the world's most wooden actor pretending to undergo a spiritual crisis. Idiotic beyond the point of redemption, this sinfully stupid farrago manages to insult audiences and critics, Christians and Satanists alike, reducing 2000 years of fertile mythology to the level of an incoherent pop video.

The problems with End of Days are legion. From Andrew W. Marlowe's stunningly illiterate script (which manages to make The Omen's author David Seltzer's work read like the sublime visions of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin) to jobbing journeyman Peter Hyams' nuts-and-bolts direction (he was brought on board to join the dots when feature first-timer Marcus Nispel was passed over), the entire film looks and feels like nothing more than a cynical salvaging exercise. The special effects are fabulously unspecial, the plot twists extravagantly straightforward, and the character development retarded beyond redemption. Worse still, the apocryphal source material, from which even the most talentless storyteller could spin a passable yarn, is made to sound boring.

The performances are also uniformly terrible. It's easy to laugh at Rod Steiger as the huffy priest who doesn't think there's anything funny about a man called Thomas Aquinas attempting to stop the devil getting laid, while boggle-eyed Udo Kier has never been anything less than hilarious. But we should expect more from Gabriel Byrne and Kevin Pollak, whose pairing constantly reminds us how good they both were in The Usual Suspects. Sadly, all we get here is a lazy turn from Pollak, and scenery chewing from Byrne, who outdoes his randy priest role in the equally abominable Stigmata and prances around like a man possessed by a fit of the vapours.

Bad acting honours, however, are reserved ultimately for Arnie himself, who moves like the ice-demon in the lowest ring of Dante's Inferno, with about as much human warmth and slightly less facial expression. Called upon to cry over the loss of his wife and child, he can do nothing more than wince like a constipated man with conjunctivitis. Equally, when asked to throw down his weapon before the altar and call upon God for help, Arnie's unique Austro-American lilt becomes more impenetrable than usual. Will God hear him? And if he does, will he be able to understand him? At the time of writing, End of Days had already flopped in the US, and by the time of publication, its dated millennial tag will doubtless have made it as appealing to punters as cold leftover turkey. All of which may prove that in the end Schwarzenegger was indeed a 20th-century phenomenon, and is now merely a man out of time.


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