February 2000

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#Burn, Blast, Bomb, Cut

What was the Gulf War all about? Thrillingly shot and riddled with black humour, Three Kings tries to unpack this key question, but is it the Casablanca this generation deserves, asks J. Hoberman.

#My Bloody Valentine

To make The Talented Mr. Ripley, a 'bruising experience', Anthony Minghella had to restructure Patricia Highsmith's greatest novel. Nick James talks to the director and his editor Walter Murch.

Wage Warrior

For a Palme d'or winner, Rosetta is an unflinchingly bleak, low-budget look at life among Europe's underclass. Richard Kelly talks to its directors, the Dardenne brothers

Sexual Outlaws

With its wide-eyed curiosity about sex and flagellation, Jang Sun-Woo's Lies is a deliberate provocation of Korea's moral guardians. Tony Rayns reports on the post-boom order

The Myth Element

Luc Besson's Joan of Arc may be a high-camp affair that flouts French history, but it has its moments of perception and grandeur. By Susan Hayward

Selected reviews

#Film of the Month: The End of the Affair

Neil Jordan's The End of the Affair has fine performances, yet the most important jealous lover in Graham Greene's original novel - God - is all but left out, argues Philip Kemp.

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