Muppets from Space

UK/USA 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Felperin


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Unidentifiable creature Gonzo awakes from a dream in which Noah is refusing him access to the ark because there is only one of him. During breakfast at the boarding house Gonzo shares with his other Muppet friends, he finds a message warning him to "watch the skies" spelled out in cereal letters. A bolt of lightning induces a vision in Gonzo of two cosmic fish who explain that he's an alien from another planet and that his relatives will be returning soon to retrieve him.

Miss Piggy, newly made an anchorwoman, interviews Gonzo on television about his alien status. Government agent K. Edgar Singer sees the interview and Gonzo and Rizzo are brought by Singer's minions to their headquarters for tests. Fortunately, Kermit and Piggy come to his rescue. Rizzo also escapes and helps free other laboratory rats. Gonzo and his friends travel to Area 51 to meet the mothership from Gonzo's planet. When it arrives, the reunion is joyous. Gonzo contemplates returning home with the other aliens, but ultimately decides to stay behind with his Muppet friends.


The sixth feature-length film in the Muppet franchise, Muppets from Space may seem misleadingly titled for fans of the original television show who remember Pigs in Space, one of the series' more delicious running spoof skits. Note that central preposition change, because this latest film struggles to get off the ground in every sense. Like its hero Gonzo, abandoned on Earth by his alien brethren, this sweet-natured but unchallenging film seems left behind by the greater sophistication of current children's films and, indeed, by the increasing sophistication of child viewers themselves, who expect flashy effects almost as a birthright .

Now that kids have The Phantom Menace and its digitally-created ilk to keep them entertained, cloth-foam-and-feather puppets are likely to elicit little more than a yawn except from the very young. Gagwise, only a couple of moments in the middle section match the old Muppet gold standard: Rizzo the rat and vermin pals escape their laboratory cage, Shawshank Redemption-style, through a hole in the wall covered by a Mice Girls poster; the operation to remove Gonzo's brain is stalled while the baddies check to see if his HMO will cover the co-pay. Otherwise, Muppets from Space overlabours its parody-cum-homage to Close Encounters of the Third Kind (a pretty old target).

With presiding genius Jim Henson now gone, some of the life in the franchise seems to have vanished. Where the series and movies used to pull in pretty big names (Michael Caine, Orson Welles), the human actors here are a sad, B-list lot (Ray Liotta, Andie MacDowell). At least we can be thankful, albeit puzzled, that the film-makers have plumped for a soundtrack of welcome if slightly predictable 70s funk classics instead of the usual ersatz showtunes favoured by children's films.


Tim Hill
Brian Henson
Martin G. Baker
Jerry Juhl
Joseph Mazzarino
Ken Kaufman
Director of Photography
Alan Caso
Michael A. Stevenson
Richard Pearson
Production Designer
Stephen Marsh
Jamshied Sharifi
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Columbia Pictures
Executive Producers
Kristine Belson
Stephanie Allain
Timothy M. Bourne
Alex Rockwell
Production Co-ordinator
Ingrid Johanson
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2nd Unit:
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Frank Flynn
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"Brick House" by Thomas McClary, Milan Williams, Walter Orange, Lionel Richie, Ronald LaPread, William King, performed by The Commodores; "Celebration" by Ronald Bell, Claydes Smith, George Brown, James Taylor, Robert Mickens, Earl Toon, Dennis Thomas, Robert Bell, Eumir Deodato, performed by the Alien Gonzos; "Dazz" by Ray Ransom, Edward Irons, Reginald Harris, performed by G. Love and Special Sauce; "Flashlight" by George Clinton Jr, Bernard Worrell, Bootsy Collins, by George Clinton and Pepe; "The Gambler" by Don Schlitz; "Getaway" by Peter Cor, Beloyd Taylor, performed by the Getaway People; "Get up offa That Thing" by Deanna Brown, Deidra Brown, Yamma Brown, performed by James Brown; "It's Your Thing" by Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley, O'Kelley Isley, performed by the Isley Brothers; "Outa-Space" by Billy Preston, Joe Greene, performed by Billy Preston; "Shining Star" by Maurice White, Phillip Bailey, Larry Dunn, performed by (1) Earth Wind and Fire, (2) Dust Brothers featuring Jeymes; "Theme from "Star Trek" (TV Series) by Alexander Courage, Gene Roddenberry; "Survival" by Kenneth Gamble, Leon Huff, performed by the O'Jays
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'UFO Mania' Promo Sequence
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Gonzo/Bunsen Honeydew/Waldorf/ the Birdman
Steve Whitmire
Kermit the Frog/Rizzo the Rat/Beaker/Cosmic Fish No 1
Bill Barretta
Pepe the Prawn/Bobo as Rentro/Bubba the Rat/Johnny Fiama/ Cosmic Fish No 2
Jerry Nelson
Brian Henson
Dr Phil Van Neuter/ Sal Minella
Kevin Clash
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[i.e. Hulk Hogan]
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Deron Barnett
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little girl
Elaine Nalee
mashed potato lady
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