The Iron Giant

USA 1999

Reviewed by Leslie Felperin


Our synopses give away the plot in full, including surprise twists.

Rockwell, Maine, 1957. An enormous iron man crash-lands on Earth, reassembles itself and sets about consuming the metal it needs to live. Nine-year-old Hogarth Hughes, son of single mother Annie, happens on the giant one night in the woods and saves its life when it tries to eat a power station. Rockwell's strange goings-on bring government agent Kent Mansley to town. Hogarth persuades local beatnik Dean McCoppin to keep the giant at the junk yard Dean owns where it will have enough to eat. Hogarth teaches the giant English and teaches it not to use its destructive powers.

Eventually, the giant is discovered. Convinced it is a weapon, Mansley calls in the military. Seeing that conventional weapons are of no use, Mansley gets the army to launch a nuclear attack on the giant. Hogarth persuades the giant not to fight. It launches itself into the sky, detonating the bomb safely in outer space but seemingly destroying itself in the process. Some time later, Dean has made a statue in the giant's honour and is now part of a family with Annie and Hogarth, who still mourns the giant. But all over the world, pieces of the giant are slowly finding each other...


Not only is The Iron Giant one of the more emotionally satisfying films of the year, but it also affords a cheering opportunity for all those who'd like someone other than Disney to have a cartoon hit. Given its illustrious record with shorts starring Bugs Bunny and crew, it's surprising it's taken Warner Bros this long to make a serious stab at original features.

It was a particularly smart move to hire Simpsons veteran Brad Bird to direct. In collaboration with screenwriter Tim McCanlies, Bird brings with him a very Simpsonian knack for mixing humour with sentiment so that the morality never clots into indigestible preaching. This means the "you can be whatever you want" message Hogarth teaches the Iron Giant emerges as a subtle lesson in free will. Similarly, the Simpsons line in nimble parody emerges with a hilarious pastiche of a 50s safety film 'Duck and Cover' while unforced allusions to 50s atomic-horror films, vintage comics, The X Files and the Beat Generation oxygenate an already bubbly story. Even the clean, stylised animation, although distinctive, conjures up the gestural simplicity of Bird's training ground at its best.

In the film's knack for darkness and emphasis on line, there's a trace memory of Andrew Davidson's woodblock illustrations for Ted Hughes' original story on which this is loosely based. Purists might demur at The Iron Giant's radical departure from its source, the significantly differently titled The Iron Man. Gone is the truly blood-frosting image it conjures of the space-bat-angel-dragon, as big as Australia and bent on licking life from the planet. Perhaps such stuff would be a little too scary for children if given visual form. The giant here is more like E.T. crossed with a Transformer than Hughes' mysterious emanation of the Earth, but this adaptation still incorporates delicious memories from the original - the giant munching thoughtfully through a junkyard of metal, the sense of his awesome scale and his gift for self-assembly (an ability many parents would wish on the presents opened on Christmas morning) - that sweeten the near-tragic, genuinely moving climax. Given the film's enormous box-office success so far, expect the inevitable follow-up, although the film-makers probably won't use Hughes' own harrowing sequel The Iron Woman.


Brad Bird
Allison Abbate
Des McAnuff
Tim McCanlies
Screen Story
Brad Bird
Based on the book
The Iron Man by
Ted Hughes
Camera Supervisor
Mark Dinicola
Darren T. Holmes
Production Designer
Mark Whiting
Music/Music Conductor
Michael Kamen
©Warner Bros
Production Company
Warner Bros presents
a Brad Bird film
Executive Producer
Pete Townshend
Associate Producer
John Walker
Production Associates
Sandro Mario Corsaro
Ralph Garcia
Bryan Kulik
Barry O'Donoghue
Scene Planners
Gina Bradley
George (Bingo) Ferguson
James Keefer
Dan C. Larsen
Karen Hansen
Production Manager
Amy Richards
Department Heads
Jeffrey Lynch
Computer Graphics:
Tad Gielow
William H. Frake III
Dennis Venizelos
Lureline Kohler
Allen Foster
Scene Planning:
Steven Wilzbach
Animation Check 2D/3D:
Myoung Smith
Rhonda L. Hicks
ACME Supervisors
Colour Models:
Tania Mitman Burton
Irene M. Gringeri
Ink & Paint:
Sarah-Jane King
Final Check:
Dennis Bonnell
Final Scene Planning:
Kim Patterson
Post-production Supervisor
Jeannine Berger
ACME Digital Specialists
Will Bilton
James Hathcock
Freddie Vaziri
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Andrew Jimenez
Dale A. Smith
Marci Liroff
Shaunda Grace Jones
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Tom Knott
Marci Gray
Dave Master
Chris Chavez
Katherine Concepcion
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Dean Wellins
Mark Andrews
Kevin O'Brien
Viki Anderson
Steven Markowski
Piet Kroon
Fergal Reilly
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Teddy Newton
Stephen G. Lumley
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Artistic Co-ordinator
Scott F. Johnston
Art Director
Alan Bodner
Character Sculptor
Carla Larissa Fallberg
Music Performed by
The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra
Electronic Music Score Programmers
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Christopher Brooks
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John 'Juke' Logan
"Honeycomb" by Bob Merrill, performed by Jimmie Rodgers; "I Got a Rocket in My Pocket" by Jimmy Logsdon, Vic McAlpin, performed by Jimmy Lloyd; "Comin' Home Baby" by Bob Dorough, Ben Tucker, performed by Mel Tormé; "Duck and Cover" by Teddy Newton, arranged by Preston Oliver, performed by Brad Bird, Shannon Gregory, Dean Wellins; "Blue Rumba" by Bobby Black, performed by Pepe Dominguin; "Genius after Hours" by/performed by Ray Charles; "Capitolizing" by/performed by Babs Gonzalez; "Cha-Hua-Hua" by Adam Ross, Joe Lubin, performed by Eddie Platt; "Blues Walk" by/performed by Lou Donaldson; "Let's Do the Cha Cha" by Willie Boyd, Richard Nance, performed by The Magnificents; "Searchin'" by Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, performed by The Coasters
Sound Design
Randy Thom
Principal Dialogue
Troy Porter
Doc Kane
Production Sound
Gregory M. Gerlich
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Chad Algarin
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Beau Borders
Troy Porter
Doc Kane
Dennie Thorpe
Jana Vance
Frank 'Pepe' Merel
Tony Eckert
Mary Helen Leasman
Ted Hughes
Voice Cast
Jennifer Aniston
Annie Hughes
Harry Connick Jr
Dean McCoppin
Vin Diesel
The Iron Giant
James Gammon
Foreman Marv Loach/Floyd Turbeaux
Cloris Leachman
Mrs Tensedge
Christopher McDonald
Kent Mansley
John Mahoney
General Rogard
Eli Marienthal
Hogarth Hughes
M. Emmet Walsh
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Mickie T. McGowan
Ryan O'Donohue
Phil Proctor
Frank Thomas
Patti Tippo
Brian Tochi
additional voices
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86 minutes 31 seconds
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